Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Office Space"

I'd love to tell you my office looks like this:

You may even imagine my office looks like this:

From 2007-2011, this was my actual office space.  Notice the 3.5 floppies and CDs lined up on the 2nd shelf?  Yup...still got 'em.....

I wrote most of my work on this one.

But since receiving my laptop Feb 2011, THIS is my current office space, where I wrote Kenzie's Sci-Fi series, and did all the edits from July 2011-present:)

Notice the room at the back?  That's our utility room, where cookies, popcorn, and the microwave are housed.  The past month, it's pretty common to hear the words, "Can you move..." just when I've settled down to write!  Why not move?  If I sit to the right, I run the risk of kids looking over my shoulder.  If I sit at the other end of the table, I'd be blocking the back door.  Yes, my kitchen is that small.

Table is pushed against the wall, so when dinner is ready, we pull it out and people have to walk through the hallway in order to get around to this space.

Now you know why I'm house hunting!

July reading schedule will be posted either this weekend or Monday:)

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Liz Flaherty said...

I've been there and done that and must admit I don't want to go back, although sometimes I miss writing among the activity of a family in the house. Good luck on the house hunt!