Friday, July 1, 2016

July Reading Schedule

How did I do in June?
-Work on Heart Song (am I a broken record or what?)  Added 700+ words, so????
-Send Kira to editor, along with 1st payment  Not yet...
-Send cover request to DD, along with 1st payment  Not yet....
-Make 2nd payment to B  Not yet....
-Pay RW for Orion Antho  Forgot to take my $$ with me, grrrrr.....
-Do well at Heaps of Jeeps Festival  Zero direct sales, but hoping for some from online! Very good day!
-Do well at Legends Garden Party  Sold one....yay, gas $$!!!
-Do well at Corning Irish Festival  Sold one and was invited to sing with the band, so yay!
-Declutter basement and storage unit  Halfway there!
-Enroll Tween in football  Still watching for announcement....
-Finish ghost story  Not even close....
-Lose 5+ pounds  Managed to lose 3:)

Books Read:  7
            Print:  5
            E-Book:  2

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  18

July Goals:
-Work on Heart Song and Ghost Story
-Do well at tonight's First Friday Art Walk  Sold one and got to see friends:)
-Do well at Peoria/Writers On The River  Sold 4....I can now finish paying for KABB!
-Send Kira off to editor along  with 1st payment
-Send Kira's cover off to artist along with 1st payment
-Make 2nd payment to B
-Finish paying for KABB
-Pay for Watermelon Fest  Check:)
-Pay for OA
-Make 1st payment to Imaginarium
-Do well at other craft fair??
-Enroll Tween in football  Check:)  Camp is July 25-29:)
-Finish de-cluttering basement and storage
-Finish 2 secret projects

July Reading List:
To Love or Not To Love-Jean Joachim  DRR!  Loved this!
If A Woman's Hair Is Her Glory, Why Am I Tweezing My Chin?- Martha Bolton  Very funny!

Karma, Inc-Melanie James  Funny in places.

Karaoke Songs:
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling-Hall and Oats part was good...
Doncha-Pussy Cat Dolls  Surprisingly, this was even good!
Waiting for A Girl Like You-Foreigner  Not too bad;little screachy on the chorus
Waiting For A Star To Fall-Boy Meets Girl  Slightly high, but not too bad...

Waiting For Tonight-Jennifer Lopez  Did well!
Don't Go Breaking My Heart-Elton John/Kiki Dee Gary and I nailed it:)
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go-Wham  Got through it, but too low in parts.  :(

Wake Up Call-Maroon 5  DNH
Eat It-Weird Al  Wrong version
Wake Up Little Susie-Everly Brothers  Not too bad....

Learning To Fly-Foo Fighters  Ugh.  Was praised for my effort though!
Leather and Lace-Stevie Nicks/Don Hendley  Good:)  Sang it with Mark, who kinda knew it, lol!
Leave A Light On-Belinda Carlisle  DNH
Leaving On A Jet Plane-Peter, Paul and Mary  Not too bad...
Let Me Be The One-Expose  Rough, but was told it was good, so???
Let Me Be There-Olivia Newton-John  Nailed it!
Let The Music Play-Shannon  Surprisingly enough, this was pretty good!
Let Your Love Flow-Bellamy Brothers  Bleh....too low!
Let's Go All the Way-Sly Fox Damn it...this was too low also!
Let It Be-The Beatles  Nailed it:)
Let It Go-James Bay  Did all right til I got to the bridge....I'll let JJ have this one.
Lifeline-Papa Roach  DNH
Life In The Fast Lane-Eagles  Slightly rough, but was told it sounded great! 
Lightening Crashes-Live  JJ and I powered through it, and think it sounded okay, but phone ran out of memory just about the 2 minute mark. Will sing this again:)

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