Friday, July 8, 2016

Flashback Friday: Happy Bicentennial, America!

July 1976:
We celebrated America's 200th birthday with a cookout at a friends' house and some mischief:)

The weather was wonderful for a backyard picnic for several families, and we feasted on the usual cookout food.  Somewhere along the line, I had acquired a fake ice cube with a fake fly on it, and had brought it along, hoping to trick someone.  I decided to slip it into our host's drink, and since I'd let other kids in on the joke, we anxiously watched Don's face for his reaction.

None came.

Finally, I went up to him and asked if he'd noticed anything strange in his drink, and he said he'd tossed an ice cube over his shoulder.  We gasped, then revealed what we'd done.  We spent several minutes decifering where the cube had landed, and after several frantic moments of sifting through grass, dirt, and flowers, it was finally found against the fence.

Lesson learned:  Pick another adult next time!

After dinner, we headed downtown for the fireworks, but was disappointed that we couldn't see the ground displays.  I remember watching the National Fireworks on TV around the Statue of Liberty.

My dad also was driving a VW Beetle, and my sister and I marveling at the fact the engine was in the back, while the 'trunk' was in the front!  I also thank god we were skinny; I still don't know how we endured having the entire family in that VW!

Next Month:  Florida and Starting 5th Grade:)

Present Day:
I'm getting ready for my trip to Peoria, IL, for Writers on the River at the Par-A-Dice Hotel/Casino tomorrow!  Hoping I do well there, since I'm heavily in debt to everyone, lol!  I also get $10 in free tokens, so maybe I can find someone to turn that $10 into a couple hundred?

Secret Project #1:  We've reached Phase #3!  All will be revealed when the final phase has been reached!

Karaoke Update:
Sang You're The Inspiration, Independence Day, and I Got The Boy last night.  Finally got that one line in ID right, and DJ Brower told me I totally rocked that song:)

If I make it to karaoke tomorrow night, I'll sing as many of these as I can:
Leaving On A Jet Plane-Peter, Paul, and Mary
Let Me Be The One-Expose
Let Me Be There-Olivia Newton-John
Let The Music Play-Shannon

Have a great weekend!

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