Friday, July 29, 2016

Flashback Friday: My 'Staycation'

July 2006:
I forgot to mention this, but the dates overlap from June to July, so I guess it really doesn't matter!  D and K took a 2 week trip to Ely, MN to the Boundary Waters with the Boy Scouts, and left me with the two kids at home.  S, W, and I had a wonderful, low-stress fourteen days! In fact, I think even S went to Lafayette for a few days for VBS.

K had a week at home, then went off to BSA summer camp.  I knew something was up when the scoutmaster made a point of asking if I'd be there on Thursday for the Tap-Out ceremony, something I'd not previously attended.  I called Dad and told him what I suspected, and he joined us for that day.  Sure enough, my boy was chosen for the prestigious Order of the Arrow honor, which made us all proud!

One of the local radio shows did a charity event at The Melting Pot, so D and I went.  We enjoyed Lobster, Chicken, Prime Rib, and Pork Cocq Au Vin for the main course, as well as all the veggies we could eat! For dessert, we had the Bailey's flavored chocolate fondue with fruit and cheesecake.  When the manager came around and I mentioned he'd gone to school with friend KC, he let me have more cheesecake!  But the highlight of the evening was meeting Dave Smiley and KJ, the DJ's the kids and I listened to every morning.  I got their autographs and it was nice to chat with them for a few moments.

Present Day:
I now follow Smiley on FB, and am thrilled to see his antics with his son, who's not even a year old yet (????).

A and J returned home Sunday, and I'm still finding things they've left behind!  We took J's underwear and the stick he's whittling to him on Wednesday, when D had his echocardiogram; met with the Coag clinic; and saw Dr. Steve.  This morning, we found somebody's shirt in the living room.

W survived football camp, and starts regular practices next week, as well as school (SCHOOL!  Can You Believe It??) on the 4th.  I did discover his transfer hadn't gone through yet, so that will be my main focus next week.  I think he's also due for his 6th grade MMR or DPT.  But I'll find that out when he sees his doctor on the 11th.

Karaoke Songs:
Let It Go-James Bay
Left In The Dark Again-Barbra Streisand
Lifeline-Papa Roach
Life After You-Daughtry
Life In a Northern Town-Dream Academy (Back up)

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