Friday, July 15, 2016

Flashback Friday: Summer School!

July 1986:
Brief recap:  Since JD had indulged in a fling at MDA camp, and I had my own summer fling while on vacation in Florida, I returned home with a new confidence.  I looked forward to my next project, a 5 week summer school, where EY and I would be sharing a room.  The summer looked promising!

I arrived home in time for friend KC's birthday party. I confess to looking fantastic, and feeling pretty good about myself, and even though JD was in attendance, and we had a good time, I only gave him a good night kiss at the end of the evening.

The next few days were spent packing for my summer school trip.  EY and I arrived at Morris Hall, and found we were in the 1st room to the right of the doors; everyone else was farther down.  The only thing we were dismayed to discover was the public shower. We were, after all, in a boys' dorm!  We registered; unpacked; and prepared to enjoy our two classes:  Sociology and Weight Lifting.

Two basketball players were in our Soci class, and we soon made friends with them.  Dolas even helped me slam-dunk a basketball one day when we showed up to watch him practice! We were also impressed when he could lift the entire stack of weights on one of the machines!

The first day of weight class, EY and I discovered we loved the Roman Chair.  We did so many reps of forward and backward, we didn't realize what we were doing to our stomach muscles.....until we tried to get out of bed the next morning.  Try getting down out of an upper bunk bed when your entire set of abdominal muscles are screaming at you!

We also became 'lobby lizards', playing Euchre with various people in the lobby.  We made friends with both RA's, which came in very handy the night they let a few of us girls 'raid' the boys....and missed the cutoff time!  I was nervous about being written up, but since it was my 1st offence, all I got was a verbal warning.

One night, I met TH while playing cards.  We started out playing footsie under the table, which led to a walk, which progressed to making out on the baseball bleachers.  Even when we got back to the dorm, the fire door was open between the two wings and we spent more time in 'no man's land' kissing and saying good night.  TH lived in Carmel, and since I wanted to know where I stood with JD, I traveled up with him for the weekend and borrowed his car to go hash things out with JD.

He confessed he still had feelings for A, the girl at camp, and didn't know which one of us he liked better.  I offered up a solution:  Not to see either of us until school was over, then to call me and let me know.  (I was 90% positive he would choose me; I knew from experience 'camp romances' never lasted very long!)  JD agreed.....then followed me back to TH's house, where I had to excuse myself at one point when the one-upmanship got too much to bear!  Nevertheless, TH and I returned to the university and began a 'FWB' relationship, though we didn't call it that back then.

I also alarmed EY's boyfriend when he came down for a weekend.  EY hadn't told him about the breakup, so when he saw me flirting with a guy in the pool, he assumed that's how EY behaved when they were apart!  I had to set him straight.

EY and I also began working at Market Street Station, a wonderful steakhouse in town.  We switched off during the week as dishwashers, then on weekends we took turns bussing tables.  The extra money for pizzas was nice!

Next Month:  Relationship Highs and Lows

Present Day:
Received some startling news last night, as I was walking out the door, from my Pulmonary Function Test.  More will be disclosed after I see the doctor next week.

Phase #4 of Secret Project #2 is in full swing....more will be  disclosed in a few weeks.

Karaoke Songs for Tomorrow:
Leaving On A Jet Plane-Peter, Paul and Mary
Let Me Be The One-Jetts
Let Me Be There-Olivia Newton-John
Let The Music Play-Shannon

Have a great weekend!

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