Saturday, July 23, 2016

Flashback Saturday....

Yeah, I forgot to post this yesterday.

July 1996:
Took my new 2 y/o to the pool after celebrating her birthday at Aunt Linda's and the rest of the family.  We learned the sad news that our favorite pool monitor had died unexpectedly after the opening of the Circle Center Mall, due to an allergic reaction.

Slow Strip Tease....My Daughter the Flirt?
Little S, after an hour of interacting with Jeff, the new pool monitor, draped her towel around her and walked toward him, the towel gradually falling from her tiny body.  As she got closer, the towel kept slipping....until she stood right in front of him, said towel now on the ground.  She faced him, arms held out to the sides by her hips, as if to say, "Well?  Aren't you going to pick it up?"

I burst out laughing.

"Jeff, she's trying to get your attention!"

He grinned sheepishly, then stood up to retrieve her towel.  "I wasn't even looking at her.  I was watching the kids in the deep end!"

S took the towel and made her way back to us.

Next Month:  My Baby's Off To School!

Present Day:
Going to Open Mic Night, and if she's feeling better, then MDQ will go with me, before I head out to karaoke.  ME and MDQ are returning home tomorrow, and this past week, we also enjoyed a whirlwind visit with former Adoptee #2, Miss Izzabelle:)

Secret Project #1:  Nearly complete; I hope to finish it this week!
Secret Project #2:  We've officially entered Phase #6!  We'll find out in the next two weeks if there will be a Phase #7:)

Karaoke Songs:
Let Your Love Flow
Let It Be
Let It Go (James Bay version)
Let's Go All The Way

Have a wonderful weekend!

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