Friday, February 3, 2017

Flashback Friday: Note Passing Fiasco!

Kenzie is blogging again!  To see her posts for the past month, and meet *our* BFFs, go here.

Feb 1977:
I mentioned my 5th grade teacher was rather strict?  Well, my BFF at the time found out the hard way what happens when you get caught passing notes in class.

Two new boys joined our class.  RU, a kid with cerebral palsey and used a crutch; and WB, on whom my BFF developed a HUGE crush!  So much, she wrote him a love letter.  And tried to pass it to him during class.

Mr. M intercepted it, however, and instead of simply dropping it into the trash, decided to read it out loud, embarrassing both parties and causing laughter for the rest of the class.  I had actually forgotten this incident until last year, when A and I got together and she had asked me if I remembered poor WB.  We had a good laugh over it, and A told me how humiliated she'd felt that day.

In the meantime, my creative mind was still being unlocked.  In English class, we were leaning how to create paragraphs, use quotation marks, and to write fairy tales and legends.  My 2nd story explained my theory of how people began to use streetlights.  It's a funny little story about how a firefly who couldn't fly managed to have a family, then be brought inside by a curious little boy.

The entire two-sided story is one paragraph, conversation and all!  My mother enjoyed it, and had mentioned sending it in to Jack and Jill magazine, a children's magazine that I read.  I was thrilled by the prospect, but Mom either forgot about it, or they rejected the story.  I'll never know, because my mother doesn't remember this conversation at all.

I think it was about this time we saw the movie Freaky Friday:)

Next Month:  Going To Chicago!

Present Day:
Edits have arrived for Kenzie's Kira:)  As soon as MS Word can be reinstalled on my laptop, I'll get to work on them.  I was complimented; several pages of the MS had nothing wrong, which editor says is very rare for her to find:)  There's only two places where I disagree with her, and it's mainly a misunderstanding and easy to fix.  Now I really need to get that cover art request sent off!

Voice is still gone, but getting better!

****WARNING:  Rant ahead*******

Politically speaking, half of our nation has lost its mind.  For the past 8 years, the right held its tongue and endured the PC culture, in case of being accused of racism if we spoke out against our president.  But now DJT is in charge, and hopefully restoring some common sense back into our lives, the left is in an uproar, rioting, causing damage, and doing a 180 against a supreme court nominee.  Both parties had no issue with him when it came to the lower courts, but now he's nominated for SCOTUS and suddenly the left has found him less than desirable?  WTH people??

As for our Secretary of Ed.....I have mixed feelings.  I do see both sides of the issue, and can only hope and pray the correct choice will be made.

I've also heard the words 'fascist' and 'nazi' thrown around.....if the right had tossed around the 'n' word or even mentioned the 11th letter of the alphabet three times 8 years ago.....holy hell, watch out.

Can we return to common decency people?  Common courtesy?  The man's only been in office for TWO WEEKS!  Give him a chance and revisit this in six months.

Oh, and for the record, yes, I am a woman, but no, the idiots who marched two weeks and screamed 'torch the place' do not speak for me.  I just want them to stay the hell out of my reproductive tract.  Women should have the right to choose when it comes to their bodies....provided it is within the 1st twelve weeks, which usually gives us four weeks to decide yea or nay.  After that 12th week, though, there are really only two viable options:  Accept your actions or make someone else very happy.

*****rant over*******

Thankfully, no tragic celebrity deaths this week, however, at the end of SE3 of Downton Abbey, a series regular is killed off.  *blinks back tears*

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!  I hope to spend it watching SE4:)

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