Friday, June 30, 2017

6 Month Check Up

Six Months Ago, I resolved to....
-Finish writing Heart Song
-Publish #4 of my Sci-Fi Rom series and write #5
-Get books #1-6 of my Arbor University Tales (Women's Fiction) series in print
-Successfully help my 6th grader bring up his grades in Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts
-Lose another 5 lbs or more
-Cut back on signings; instead of 14 like last year, only do six which cost money, and a few local ones which are free.
-Organize my basement office
-As for the karaoke songs, well, I'd like to maybe hit the 'P' titles?  I'm beginning the year still on the 'Love' titles.  I'm thinking there may not be many 'N' or 'O' titles.  I could be wrong.

How Am I Doing?
-Heart Song is still unfinished, though maybe 300 words have been added;
-Kira arrived in Feb, and #5 is still swirling around in my brain with maybe 300 words added;
-AU is still waiting on cover art;
-Teen did manage to pass the 6th grade with Ds in English and Social Studies and an F in Math;
-I HAVE lost 5 lbs and am trying to lose another 5;
-Have I cut back on signings?  *Ahem*  I've only paid for 3, though I still have 4 more to pay for, plus I had to pay $12 for our Farmer's Market in May.  So the short answer is 'no'.
-Basement office is still not yet organized.
-Karaoke titles....I've already hit the 'N' ones on Sat and am well into the 'W's on Thurs:)

So I'm about 45% accomplished.

How are your goals looking?

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