Friday, June 9, 2017

Flashback Friday: Catching Up 1987

I've been busy the last several weeks, so missed a couple of decades

My sister was at a swim meet in downtown Indpls at the Natatorium, so Dad picked me up and took me to it.  When we realized it would be several hours before her event, Dad and I went over to Union Station and had lunch at Sal Savatore's Italian restaurant and split a carafe of White Zinfindel wine.  After lunch, we went upstairs and wandered around the shops, stopping at the Virtual Reality ride.  Being a little tipsy, Dad told me to sit in the back seat; it was more enjoyable!  Afterward, we staggared out and went back to the swim meet.

Another weekend when Val went home, JD made arrangements to come up and see me.  At first, he went to the wrong dorm, surprising a VERY shocked young coed by kissing her when she opened the door!  Eventually, he found my door, and we had an enjoyable day, showing him around campus and eating lunch at the Flying Tomato Pizza Parlor.  A friendly game of poker followed, though I got cocky when I realized I held two aces in my hand.  Unfortunately, he had a full house.

Val, her brother, and I went to King's Island and had a GREAT time!  Right before we were due to board the bus, the others decided they wanted to go on the Water Rapids ride again.  I declined.....and they ended up with soaked clothes during the ride home.  I was thankful I was still dry!

I arrived home after my 1st quarter and registered with ManPower again.  My 1st assignment sent me to a parking lot, and I enjoyed the 2 weeks I was there.  I arrived at 6am and was basically my own boss for the next twelve hours.  I handed out parking passes; took money; and began working on my 1st official 'book', mainly memoirs of my love life.  Go ahead; laugh at me.  I was trying to make sense of why I was getting bored after 3 months with each relationship, or sabotaging it after that length of time.

Two of my customers took a liking to me; one man who worked in the bank would bring me the occasional soft drink (he was married), and Chris, a single guy who worked for some company, came down and ate lunch with me, plus brought me flowers and tried to get me to go out with him.  I did go out with him a few times, but we just didn't 'click',  He was a health-food nut, and let's face it....I'm a McDonald's gal who only eats lettuce, carrots, corn, broccoli, and peas (when first frozen).  I beat him soundly at Putt-Putt one night, then when I used his restroom, discovered he was into menage e trois.  I decided to quit seeing him.

My 2nd assignment was at a plastics factory, in which I was to take cassette tape cases from the conveyor belt and put them into boxes.  I hated every minute of it.  My back ached; I had trouble keeping up with the conveyor (think Lucy and Ethel in the chocolate factory!).  I thought about not returning after the 1st night, and was ever so happy when MP called and sent me somewhere else!

Next Month:  I become Rosie The Rivetor:)

Present Day:
Friends came and took half the computer stuff out of the brown house!  Hopefully today, we'll take a load to recycle, then a load of metal (from the green house) and computer parts (brown house) to the scrap yard.  I also sold the Nordic Track Ski machine to a friend:)  Making progress!

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