Friday, June 2, 2017

Flashback Friday: 5th Grade Wrap Up

June 1977:
Last month's post was a bit long-winded, and since the only photo Mom has of us in June is my sis and I showing off our brand new bikini swim suits, I thought I'd simply continue the events of May on this post.

History Made At The Indy 500:
Janet Guthrie became the 1st woman to qualify for this typically all-male sporting event:)  We went down for time trials on Mother's Day and parked in the infield, just as she began her qualification laps.

It was the first time I ever really remember going to the track, and Mom took us to our seats and even upstairs, where you could see the entire track.  It is also an event my family will not let me live down, since I quickly grew bored and pulled out a book.

I also remember this was about the time my mother's cousin came back into our lives.  We called him 'Uncle Don', and he had two large sheep dogs, Hans and Heather.  We also thought he was pretty cool because he worked at Wendy's and gave us free stuff (T-shirts, raincoats, and food).  He lived with my great-grandparents, and we soon learned that when you fed the dogs, you had to feed Hans first, and keep Heather away, since she would gobble her food, then push him away and eat his!  Yes, our sweet Heather was a pig when it came to dinnertime, lol!

Star Wars!
Dad took us to the movie, which at first I wasn't thrilled, since I decided the trailer looked 'scary'.....but it quickly became my favorite movie!  Every other night or week, Dad would take someone else to the show, and I instantly became a Model Child, promising to wake up in the morning, do my chores, do my homework on time.....if he'd please let me go too?  I ended up seeing Star  Wars 28 times over the course of the next year.  To this day, it remains the movie I've seen the most.

"Whoa....Did I Just See What I THOUGHT I Saw?"
During one of our class-switching times, I saw one of the boys, DP, reach out to his girlfriend, EM, and it looked as if he'd brushed his lips over hers before continuing on to his class.  EM turned around with a very startled expression, then blinked, and once we were all inside, instantly went into a huddle with the rest of her clique, and muffled giggles were heard, until Mr. M made us take our seats.

*Story Confirmed*
A month or so ago, I was chatting with a friend who was in our class at the time, and this was one of her memories also, though she remembers EM telling her about blow jobs also!

Saturday Night Fever!
I wanted to go see the movie, but since it was rated R, I wasn't allowed.  Someone opened a disco on the top floor of one of the buildings downtown; I bemoaned the fact I was only eleven.  Seven more years until I could go!

"Wait....You're Moving Up With Us?"
During the last week of school, we always got to check out the classroom where we'd be the next year, and meet the teacher.  But this year, my class was stunned when the other 5th grade teacher announced SHE was going to be our 6th grade teacher!  Sigh....another year with Mrs. Light....maybe she'd be nicer, since she already KNEW us?

Present Day:
Heading home from Lafayette today.  Going to stop in Indy to grab A and J; once again, their mom is looking for housing.  Sigh....if I could go back 11 years, I never would have pulled the 'tough love' definitely backfired.

Anyway, I'm setting up at our 1st Friday event, then tomorrow I'm heading up to the Vigo Co Fairgrounds to see what the event is like and to get things ready for 'my' shift on Sunday.  Then it will be back to business as usual, Operation Reclaim My House on Monday, followed by resuming Operation Brown House.  Yeah, I've got a busy month ahead, with all my chicks back under my roof again.

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