Thursday, June 29, 2017

BB19: Paul is Back!

Watched last night's premier of the new season with interest.
A)  I can NOT stand Kevin or Jessica, or even Jillian.
    -Kevin's Boston accent is the same as nails on a chalkboard.  Plus, Paul or Cameron summed it up perfectly; he looks like a comic book villian.  I was hoping he'd be the 1st to go, but no.....Paul gave him a friendship bracelet, which kept him safe for the week.  I especially disliked him when he claimed the $25K, but when I realized it meant Paul was coming back, I forgave him:)  Still, can hardly wait to see him go.

   -Jessica and her big boobs.  Disliked her the instant she was introduced, but she seems more laid back, so maybe she's not as irritating as she came across in the first 10 minutes?

   -Jillian aka 'Miss Las Vegas Drama Queen'....she doesn't seem to be handling the stress very well.  She, Christmas, and Cam were up on the chopping block, and she just sounded so dejected!  Plus, I'm surprised Christmas, the fitness fanatic, didn't want the chance to compete against J and C.  I think she would have mopped the floor with the other two.  But, c'est la vie.....

B)  I loved Paul in last season, but this week he's coming off like an asshat.  Maybe Julie told him of his role, should he return, or maybe she didn't?  He just seems.....scripted.

C)  I'm sorry to see Cam go instead of Jillian (or Kevin!), but he may get a chance to BB, you never know.  It's happened before.  Stay tuned on this one.

D)  I like Ramses, Christmas, Megan, Raven, Alex, and the rodeo clown.  The Cuban guy drives me slightly bonkers, but I think he's a chef, so the others might keep him around for his culinary skills.  It will also be interesting to see the two fitness fanatics, Christmas and Matt, go head to head in a physical challenge, though Matt reminds me of Jesse, whom I couldn't stand.  Let's hope Matt has a better personality.  Cody needs to get a personality.

The HOH competition was held on Thurs, and damn it, Cody won instead of Paul.  First of all, some general thoughts:

A)  I really can't stand Cody or the Cuban guy, who managed to selfishly save himself, but at the same time, solved Kevin's problem of how to throw it, since he's ineligible to win HOH this week (see above).  Elena also drives my slightly crazy ( I suspect it's because she reminds me of my SIL's sister??).

B)  Right now, Cody seems to not want to honor his handshake with Paul, and instead, backdoor him.

C)  Megan did NOT deserve to be verbally abused by Cuban Guy, nor did she deserve to be nominated for eviction.

Secondly, I find Cody very unlikable.  I don't know what he did in order to attract the attention of the producers, but the guy is very keep-to-himself.  Proof of this came when he was supposed to 'tempt' Paul into giving him the aforementioned Friendship Bracelet, and last night when Megan went to talk to him about working out a deal to keep her safe.  WTH???  He acted completely disinterested.  I guarrantee, if Megan survives this week and rallies the troops, he's gonna find himself on the way out the door.  What happened to his social game?

I guess we'll find out next week.

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