Friday, June 16, 2017

Flashback Friday: Parenting 101 and Misunderstanding

June 1997:
My time with the twins was dwindling down.  School was out, so I was no longer driving the teenagers home from school, nor was I driving the other teen to school and back.  The twins' mother was searching for a new sitter, plus the pool was now open.  My mother had officially retired from the high school, and came down one day to visit her grandkids.  Since the weather was nice, we took all four kids to the pool.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was a very attractive man with a small child.  He reminded me of T, and my writer's brain went into overdrive.  While the kids splashed in the pool, and Mom and I chatted on the steps and kept track of little S, I was also mentally constructing a new story based on the guy.

Which quickly came to a halt the first time his child needed assistance.

The guy basically just wanted to sunbathe and not keep a sharp eye on his child, even getting into a somewhat heated argument with the pool monitor.  That ruined any fantasies I was having about him.  If you're not interested in being a parent, esp at the pool, stay home!

I remember Mom saying something about that now she was retired, she'd like to spend more time with her grandkids.....I was facing a summer with four kids, building our house, and longing for the time when it was just 'us' again.  Also, I knew we were planning a whirlwind trip to Vancouver in July, plus the spouse had attended an Amway/Quixtar meeting and was planning to 'swallow the kool aid'.  I wasn't happy about it, but he was excited about the new prospect, so hey....who was I to stand in his way?

Apparently, my mother took this as a 'no, I'm not interested in spending the summer with you'.  I wouldn't find this out until two months later.

Next Month:  Progress, plus Vancouver!

Present Day:
We just had our hottest week of the summer so far (mid-90s); we have our new DRM table and chairs set up, plus a new sideboard, and some of the 'computer crap' has been moved out of the brown house:)  I'm still trying to organize a day to take the rest to the scrap yard, and start hauling the rolls of carpeting out of the back bedroom.  We hauled a truckload to the recycle, and another truckload of brush from the back yard.

I'll be at the Farmer's Market tomorrow, so hoping to add to my "Convention Fund".

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!

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