Monday, August 10, 2009

Countdown Begins!

Three days until School Starts!
Today's chores include a trip to the immunization clinic.

In this town, the doctors don't do the shots in the office; you have to go to another office. The downside? It's a hassle, when you think you're getting it out of the way with one appointment, only to be told, 'no, you have to call this number and schedule it...' The upside? $8 a shot. Period. Even my daughter's HPV shots! Our insurance won't cover it 'until itbecomes a mandantory vaccine'. That's a bunch of bs, in my opinion. A close friend's niece came down with HPV at 17. So instead of the series ( or individual shot...can't remember which it is) costing over $700, we only have to shell out $24. But with the kindergardener needing his last DPT, polio, chicken pox (he's the only one of my kids who will never get the disease), and possibly an MMR, the grand total comes to $56. If you're confused by the math, S only has to get her Booster, the first HPV, and the meningitis one. She'll have to go back two more times to finish the HPV series.

Yesterday, W picked out his new backpack and tennis shoes. I tell you, this kid is growing up before my eyes this summer! He used to want the Thomas the Tank Engine backpack, but they were usually always out of them by the time we had the money to get one. Yesterday, there were plenty of Thomas, but no, my little guy headed directly for the red Spiderman one! He did go back and forth on the shoes...the cool black Toy Story, with the neon green stripe; the white Spidermans; but he finally chose the black Lightening McQueen, with the light-up heels. He's also informed he wants to ride the bus.

We'll see what happens on the first day of school.

What Else is Happening?
Celebrated my MIL's 77th birthday yesterday. As usual, don't have the pics loaded into the computer yet. I'll post it tomorrow.

Hubby is now on night shift, so while he's trying to sleep in, the kids and I are trying to get back to the 6:30am wake up time:)

And in case you missed my comment on my last post, it is now a family joke that we not tell the van we're leaving the is running fine now! Spouse is going to take it Auto Zone and hook it up to the computer. If it comes back 'Mass Air Flow', then he'll order the part and fix it next weekend.

I just hope the Fish Fry is scheduled for the 22nd! I have to confirm the date with a few phone calls in a little while.

BB Update:
I hope Jeff turns the house upside down on Thursday and puts up Jesse and Natalie! As the holder of the 'Mystery Power', he can take both Russell and Lydia off the block and replace both or just one. This should be veeeeerrrry interesting to watch this week!

Have a good day! I need to wake up one more sleeping teen.


Amber Skyze said...

I don't envy your running around. My daughter doesn't go back for a few more weeks!

Anny Cook said...

Yep, the kids grow up that fast!

Regina Carlysle said...

This time of year is absolutely CRAZYNESS.