Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday's Stupid Saying

The iTAP software combines your keypresses into common words and predicts each word as you enter it. For example, if you press (7) (7) (6) (4), your phone displays a list of suggestions for words such as prog, proh, and spoi.

from a MOTOMANUAL, the instruction manual for a Motorola C139 GSM cell phone

Oh yeah...I use 'spoi' all the time, don't you? Hahahahah...

Currently Reading: I'm about halfway through The American Wife, and I think I've figured out who it's based on...but won't spoil it for you:) I'm also up to Ch 5 on Mona's Babies in the Bargain! So far it is excellent!

K said the scrimmage went well, and he even got about 15 plays' worth of game time last night. I'm looking forward to attending his first official game next Friday:)

Not much to say today: I need to finish washing the curtains and cleaning out the refrigerator. Oh, and I also have to decide what dish I'm taking to K's BSA Court of Honor tonight. It will most likely be my layer salad and maybe some brownies; the cookies were gone by yesterday.

In case you missed it, here's a dittie I came up with for Barb. Blame the fact I've watched too much Nickelodean with W....I think the tune is pretty much self (cough) Spongebob (cough) explanitory.

Are You Ready Readers? (Aye aye Captain!) I can’t heeeeaaaar youuuu! (AYE AYE CAPTAIN!)


Who lives in Reading and writes sexy books?
Barbara Huffert!

Deal of a Lifetime, Linked and Chaos
Barbara Huffert!

Hot Rush, Drakes Rules and soon Questing too…
Barbara Huffert!

Total-E-Bound, CP and EC
Barbara Huffert!

Her books are good, her books so hot
Barbaraaaaaaa Hufferrrrrrrt!

(dodging flying tomatoes) I'm off to drink another cup of coffee:)

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