Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Off To Grandma's

Sometime today my interview will be up on Raine Delight's blog. Click here to go over and say hi:) Whjo knows; you may win something in honor of my good news on Sunday! Don't know what I'm talking about? Scroll down or go here.

The younglings and I are off to spend a few days with Grandma. K will be staying home alone with the animals and is under strict orders (and the watchful eye of the neighbors) to behave himself. And if yesterday was any indication, he'll be fine. He'll be too tired to do anything except go to football practice, shower, eat, and sleep!

The Next Food Network Star Is....
(drum roll please...)


Although I suspect Jeffrey will have his own show very shortly as well; look at last year's runner-up, Adam. Aaron got his 'Big Daddy's Kitchen' right away, but now Adam has his 'Will Work For Food' show. So watch for the 'Ingredient Smuggler' to show up in about six months or so. Well done everyone!

I'm off to pack and make sure everyone is ready to leave in a few hours. Have a good day and I'll try to check in again tonight, both here and over at Raine's!


Amber Skyze said...

Have fun! I'll pop over to Raine's blog later today and check out your interview!

Anny Cook said...

Have a good time. Travel safely!