Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Mayhem

Curently Reading: Enjoyed both Heart and Soul and Beyond Meddling:) Next up: Ashley's Last Man on Earth and Barb's Hot Rush.

My parody earned me a Kreative Blogger award from Barb:) Seven random facts about me...hmmm...what don't you already know?

-My first written story was about a firefly who couldn't fly;

-In the 7th grade I simply recycled my 6th grade stories for English homework;

-In the 8th grade, I didn't understand what 'Is the Wabash rising yet' meant until much later in the year...and discovered my 'Go look for yourself' comeback meant one thing to me and something totally different to the boy who kept asking;

-My second year at Band Camp, one of the dinners served was fish. I can't stand to eat it, and was so hungry by 9pm, my mother (also our school nurse) allowed me to go into one of the boys' cabins and retrieve the peanut butter. Instead of leaving, I made my sandwich and hung out with the guys for about thirty minutes. Nothing funny happened; just me and two sophomores discussing how stupid my ex-boyfriend was behaving;

-One of the first songs I ever learned to play on the piano by ear was 'Amazing Grace'. I picked it out on the black keys. Later, I discovered I could also figure out 'It's A Small World' and 'Melody of Love';

-I didn't see The Rocky Horror Picture Show until I was 22 or 23;

-I have a family history of alcoholism, so when I drink, I do it in a responsible manner. I don't ever want to go down that path as one of my uncles on my mother's side and several aunts on my father's side travelled. Why put your family through that heartache?

Okay. On to today's agenda.

W and I are leaving for Grandma's house as soon as the teens get home from school. W is under the mistaken impression he's going back to the water park, while I'm looking for a relaxing weekend of catching up with old friends and hopefully doing a signing at Purdue. But before we leave, I have to:
-Pay K's deposit on his senior pictures
-Pick up my promotional items
-Have a light meal ready for K so he's not starving before his football game tonight
-Do at least one load of laundry.

And yes, Grandpa's arriving tonight to watch the game. Here's hoping for better weather tonight!

Don't know if I'll post again until Monday; I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow before having lunch with a friend. Have a good weekend and enjoy yourselves:)


barbara huffert said...

Thanks for playing Molly.

Regina Carlysle said...

You have a good weekend too, Molly. How is your son doing after the football injury?

Molly Daniels said...

He's doing well. The pain meds plus extra stretching before practice helps.

Oh, and his 'light' practice the other day of 'beating up the freshman team', ha ha!

Sandra Cox said...

Kreative Blogger award is much deserved:)