Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I See Your True Colors...

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Did anyone else watch the meltdown last night on Big Brother? Jesse's departure sent a shock wave through the house and brought to light several interesting insights to the houseguests. I'll start with the most selfish and work from there.

Chima. She didn't get her way, and was put up for eviction. So forgetting the fact it's just a game, she went around like a spoiled two-year-old, and refused to follow the rules. Kevin and Natalie tried to get her to put on her microphone, even going so far as to retrieve it for her, but she tossed it into the jacuzzi. And when Kevin fetched a new one, per BB's instructions, she clipped it to her bra, made insulting remarks, and frequently let it dangle near her waist. Later, she refused to listen to repeated requests to go to the diary room, prompting a producer to plead with her to go, so they can speak face to face. When Chima sullenly entered the Diary Room, she was escorted from the game. BB then called the houseguests to the living room, where everyone was shocked by her departure. Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin were in tears.

Natalie. As soon as she and Lydia went to pack up Chima's belongings, Nat tried to blame Michele for Chima's actions. 'She pushed her to this...' Lydia, for once, tried to be the voice of reason by saying Chima was an adult; she knew the rules and CHOSE to break them. Natalie refused to understand and continued to blame Michele. Nat also tried to blame Jeff, because 'he took away Chima's HOH power. That wasn't fair!' Heeeeelllllooooo're playing Big Brother, not Trivial Pursuit! Have you never played Monopoly, Trouble, Sorry, or any other game where the roll of the die or flip of a card can send you back to START?

Lydia: I thought she did a good job of maintaining her cool while packing up C's things. But let her get a little alchohol into her system, and she turned into a pre-teen, cursing Michele, Jordan, Jeff, and dumping Michele's beers down the sink. She even nearly came to blows with Michele, who thankfully showed the good sense not to let the drunken attack affect her.

Kevin: Yes, he was distraught when Chima was expelled. But he kept his mouth shut and did his grieving in the diary room.

Michele: She gave into one childish moment when she told Lydia to 'go put on your unitard, bitch...' which resulted in Lydia's running around the house and verbal threats.

Russell: Kept his cool the entire time, just shaking his head over the childish actions of the others. His only shot of the night was when Natalie thanked him for giving her the phone call from home prize, he stated he didn't do it for her; he took away her Hawaiian Vacation so he could give it to his parents!

Jordan: She had probably the best line last night, summing up the actions quite nicely: 'All this, just because Jesse left?' I didn't like her at first, but watching her blossom under Jeff's friendship has been really sweet to witness!

Jeff: The man knows how to treat his lady. When Jordan got the hole in one on the last round of the HOH contest, he asked her what she wanted. And when she said 'HOH, so I can get a letter from my mom', he intentionally blew his shot so she could take it. That's class. Jordan has come so close to eviction, and his actions showed he's willing to sacrifice his own desires in order to bring her happiness.

I sincerely hope Natalie is the next to go. It's not Lydia's time yet; she's interesting to watch, when she's not in a drunken rage.

Sorry to go on and on about this; but this is one episode that is staying on my DVR.

So how do you react when pushed against the wall? Do you step back and try to be an adult, or do you fly off the handle and play the blame game? I hope EVERYONE watching, including the houseguests, learn something from this episode, and take a good look at how we conduct ourselves in adversity and anger.

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful niece R! Your Aunt Molly loves you:)


Unknown said...

I haven't watched the show since
BB2, but if I was pushed against the wall I'd do my best to take the adult route.

Molly Daniels said...

I've had my share of angry moments, but for the most part, I'm able to take a step back and breathe before doing anything rash. Most recently being an angry email toward a friend...but cooled off. And when SHE wrote me back, equally furious, I waited twn days before contacting her again with the white flag waving.

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