Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: My New 'Office'

Currently Reading: I'm up to Ch 34 (p. 233) on Blue Gold:) And discovered I already own one of the Jackie Collins' books I'd bought, Lethal Seduction. But what the hell...I'm rereading it anyway! Just wasn't in the mood for the VC Andrews book just yet.

We had 'clean-up day' at the ball field. I went over to lend a hand and discovered the concession stand had undergone a change! There was now a doorway to the storage unit (previously, if anything was needed, one had to exit the stand, walk all the way around to the doorway, and retrieve it.) and a set of shelves on the wall. The treasurer also handed me a blank check and told me to go buy three new microwaves and a chest freezer.

Lowes had the best prices, so we made the trip into town and bought what was needed. I also was interested in a nacho cheese machine, as I'd burned my hand the previous years on the crock pot, heating up the cheese in the microwave. I actually enjoyed contacting various distributors to find the best price, and when I picked it up, the seller gave me a brief tour of his warehouse and even knocked an additional twenty dollars from the overall price. My spouse even showed me how to take the pump apart for maximum cleaning.

March Madness, Day #2
I was 9/16 yesterday; not too bad:) There were several close games; looking forward to today's games, which include Purdue vs Sienna. Here are today's picks:
Michigan State (last year's runner-up) WIN:)
Maryland WIN:)
Temple Lost...I KNEW I should have picked Cornell...
Wisconsin WIN:)
Missouri WIN:)
W. Virginia WIN:)
Georgia Tech WIN:)
Ohio St WIN:)
Syracuse WIN:)
Duke WIN:)
Louisville Lost
Texas A&M WIN:)
Purdue WIN:)
Gonzaga WIN:)
Xavier WIN:)
Pittsburgh WIN:)

Yay! 14/16 today:)

Have a good day! Temps are still in the upper 60's and W has slept in 'Big Boy' underwear since Tuesday night, and woken up dry! Looks as if I can donate the rest of his nighttime pullups:) And get rid of that $15/month expense! Way to go W!! Mommy's proud of you:)


Regina Carlysle said...

I remember those 'clean up the field' days. What hard, dirty work!

Unknown said...

I'm not a basketball person, but I am routing for Sienna because I went to school there. :)

Molly Daniels said...

Sorry Amber...Purdue won...

Anonymous said...
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