Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break, Eagle Scout Ceremony, and Good News!

Remember these pictures of the body slide at Buccaneer Bay last year?

This is what it looks like from the inside...You climb the stairs and get into the tube at the top....

And it takes you outside the building, turning three times before it spits you back out inside...

My little one discovered he was tall enough to go down it, and LOVED it!

This is W, after he came down it the third or fourth time. The second time, he went underwater and decided to join me in the hot tub for a few. And then he found a group of kids and they spent two hours running up the stairs and sliding down.

(I had a picture disappear on me; I'll post it tomorrow!)
This is Kazuko Sato, the Japanese lady my dad chauffeurs around, since she has macular degeneration. She's also the author of Memories I Choose To Keep, and she was the Guest Speaker at my mom's Young At Heart group. I joke she only comes up to my dad's elbow...I took this pic of her with my parents and discovered she's just slightly below Dad's shoulder! But she also had high heels on, so maybe in her bare feet she's barely at his elbow?

She was thrilled to see me, and to learn my books are doing well.

This is my son K, a brand new Eagle Scout, getting his official badge from his scoutmaster, 'Grandma' B.

And here is me, trying not to cry as K pins the 'Mom' pin on me. My eyes were blurred with tears as I turned to go, and thought 'Oh dear Lord...don't let me fall down these stairs!'

So last week was alternately relaxing, fun, stressful, and ended on a high note. Tomorrow I'll post pics from the reception.

Good News!
I received an email from my publisher concerning Book #3 of Forbidden Love:
(My Q in query letter: Just let me know if it has potential?)
A: It absolutely does. You'll need some cleaning up, but what I've read so far has a lot of potential

Yay! Now to clean it up...I finished writing it back in 1996 or 7; decided to cut the last two chapters and rewrite the ending in 2007; Cut the first six chapters and re-worked the beginning in 2009...Keri is extremely put out with me. BUT, I had waaaay too much overlap. That's what happens when your write the books out of order, sigh:)

Anyone else have this problem, or decide to rewrite a story and have your characters yelling at you to stop it?

Currently Reading: I LOVED Regina Carlysle's Edge of Nowhere!!!!!! Definite Recommended Read for this entire shifter series! Now I'm on Ch 5 of Dakota Rebel's Mitch:)

Print book: Also reading Married Lovers by Jackie Collins.


Regina Carlysle said...

Congrats on your brand new Eagle Scout. What a great accomplishment. As to going back into old mss.? I admire you Molly. I just don't have the patience for it. Guess too much has changed about my writing over the years. Thanks for mentioning Edge of Nowhere. I'm so happy you liked it.

Molly Daniels said...

That's the problem; I've got seven out of 14 books in that series already written, with an 8th nearly completed (not to be confused with Book #8, which is on Ch 4...) and now the rules have changed concerning head-hopping, which I picked up from Ms Steele and Ms Judith Michael! I love the stories, and so do the people who've already read them...but now they need 'cleaned up' in order to be published by today's standards.

Carol Preflatish said...

I'm trying to edited the first manuscript that I wrote. I probably should said I am rewriting it. Who knew about POV way back then? LOL It's a chore and is taking me forever to do.

Unknown said...

The series I'm working on I wrote out of order - 3,1, still writing 2
Having issues with this one. UGH!

Congrats to your son. Such a great accomplishment.