Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying and Update On My Health

This one's for Ashley:)

On We're Depending On You, Poets!
Only Poets Can Save Us From Millennnium Buggery

headline in The Times of India, referring to the so-called Y2K bug that was supposed to cripple computers

Health Update:
Last week, I was able to squeeze in a visit to my favorite dr, Dr. S. He was the dr assigned to us nearly eighteen years ago, when K was nine months old. Five minutes with the man and our personalities 'clicked'. I love and respect him as a medical professional, and he enjoys my wacky sense of humor during certain exams, plus the fact I wear Christmas socks 'to give him something better to look at':)

Anyway, after the expected scolding for not getting a yearly mammogram and for not having an exam in two and a half years, plus the brief 'catch-up' on the lives of everyone in my family (I even whipped out my e-reader and showed him Kenzie's book, hee hee hee!), he listened to my chief complaint, gave me a thorough exam, and ordered blood work. And since I'd not eaten yet, he threw in a cholesterol check. And yes, gave me an order for a mammogram.

Monday, the results came back:
Estrogen: Low. He's putting me back on on low-dose pills.
FSH hormones: Elevated, suggesting that yes, I AM in perimenapaus. See above medication.
Thyroid: Consistent with under-active thyroid. I'll now be taking a daily pill, and guess what? I may lose some weight...(rubs hands together in glee!)
Cholesterol: 244. Supposed to be under 200, so right now, diet and exercise. There go my beloved carbs...the SU laughed at me.

"I've been telling you to eat more fruit!"

News Flash: I only eat the occasional apple, banana, and slice of watermelon. I'll eat more honeydew melon and red seedless grapes. Veggies? Corn, peas (if they start out as frozen), and carrots. And I've already vowed to start walking again, once the weather cooperates.

And since it's Lent, I'm still following my portion-control diet. Although I slipped up last week with the trip to Cold Stone and my order of Chocolate Jello Pudding ice cream (Afterward, I decided I'd given up grocery-store ice cream, lol!). And last night at Ponderosa; I ate four dinner rolls with my two plates of food (hey, they were nice and yeasty...just the way I like 'em!)

I'll be good this week; I promise. The SU begins Pipeline School/training tomorrow!

Have a good weekend; I'm off to watch another of the 20+ episodes of L&O. Maybe I'll get lucky and most are repeats of what I've already watched??

Currently Reading: Finally finished The Heavenstone Secrets. Now onto the sequel. And yes, I was still rolling my eyes at the end. But I want to see how this will play out...


Ashley Ladd said...

LOLOL. I love the Y2K comment. I guess you remember how I said I prepared for Y2K and my family thought it hilarious my computer actually crashed the morning of Y2K.

I'm way over due for a mamo, too. My thyroid's underactive and we're trying to get it regulated (again). My cholesterol is high, too. I've promised myself to start walking and dieting again, too. Tonight in fact, I bought all the ingredients so I can make both cabbage and leek soups, so I can seriously lose weight. But my taste buds are NOT happy.

Ashley Ladd said...

I have a question. Please email me at:

I thought I had your email address but it bounced back on me.


Sandra Cox said...

Here's to veggies, walking and portion control. Just takes the joy out of everything doesn't it:) grin.

Anonymous said...
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