Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Still on Blue Gold...I'm up to Ch 47 (p. 316) and finally the pieces are beginning to fit:) Very clever, Lindsay...

This one's for Travis...

On Employees, Not Quite Zombies

David Blunkett also revealed yesterday that employers in the hotel and restaurant sector and the food manufacturing industry were to be allowed to recruit less killed workers from abroad early next year

from a story in The Guardian (UK)

Have a good weekend:) Two of my kids and I are headed to Grandma's next week, and since I've not yet received my Tuesday interview, don't know if I'll post or not until we return on Wednesday.

Happy 56th birthday to my SU:) Fixing him Johnsonville brats for dinner, along with a cake. Celebrating tomorrow at Lone Star with my parents:)

March Madness, Round #2:
Kansas Lost:(
Kentucky WIN:)
Tennessee WIN:)
Washington WIN:)
Butler WIN:)
Baylor WIN:)
BYU Lost:(
Villanova Lost:(

5-3 tonight:)

Maryland Lost
Cornell WIN:)
Georgia Tech Lost
Missouri Lost
Gonzaga Lost
Duke Win:)
Purdue WIN:)
Xavier WIN:)

4-4 today:)

I only missed two yesterday:) Let's see how well I do this weekend!


Ashley Ladd said...

Enjoy your trip to Grandma's house. I'm hoping to get the money together to visit my dad and my family in June this year - and attend Lori Foster's event at the same time. How I wish my dad, aunts and uncles lived close enough I could just drive a couple hours. You're blessed.

Anonymous said...
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Amber Skyze said...

Enjoy your trip! :)

Sandra Cox said...

Saturday's saying is too funny.
Enjoy your visit:)
I'll be thinking about you.