Monday, March 1, 2010

Reading Schedule and How Much I Love My New E-Reader:)

Currently Reading: Still on Love At First Bight...and due to the purchase of my lovely e-reader (see below), I was able to make it up to chapter sixteen:) I've read in the car, at the kitchen table, and curled up in bed.

March Reading Schedule:
-Blue Gold by Lindsay Townsend
-The Art of Losing by Lisa Troy
-Blue by Maddie James
-The Oath, #3 by Adrianne Brennan
-Edge of Nowhere by Regina Carlysle

And here's what I plan to buy this month:
Unexpected Mr. Right-Kelley Nyrae
In The Dark-Rob Graham
Golden Opportunity- Donna Marie Rogers
Body Candy-Taylor Tryst
Ral’s Woman-Laurann Dohner
Strip Poker for Two- April Ashe
The Gift-Rob Graham
Mitch- Dakota Rebel

First of all, Happy 6th Birthday to W, my baby:) He's growing up fast. He's getting a 'big boy bike' today after school; one that does NOT have a cartoon character plastered all over it, and one which should take him at least into the double-digit milestone before we have to buy a new one.

He's also passing out cupcakes this afternoon, as soon as Mom goes to the store and drops them off at his classroom. He has another wrestling match, and then we're taking him to the Mexican restaurant so he can wear the sombrero and be serenaded by the wait staff. And of course, the all-important birthday cards and calls from relatives. I'll post pics on Wednesday:)

E-book Bliss
I had a couple of people greet me on Saturday and exclaim, "Oh, you've got the e-reader! Where did you get it? And do you like it?"

I LOVE it! No more pacing the floor, waiting for a kid to relinquish a computer. I can read in bed again. I don't have to worry about crumbs in my keyboard, since I can read at the kitchen table while I eat lunch, if I choose. I can read during long trips, if I'm not driving, lol:)

And yes, discovered how to delete the unwanted files, so once I hit that 350 book capacity, I can shuffle files around. And somewhere I read the battery should hold a charge for up to two weeks. I don't have the adapter yet, so that's the next accessory I'll purchase. And try to find another cover; the current one is black, and blends in too much with my briefcase. I had a moment of panic Saturday night when I couldn't find it. It had slipped down further and since I was trying to find it by touch alone, my fingers failed to 'see' it, since it wasn't at the top where I had left it!

Olympic Update:
Canada beat the US in Men's Hockey!

Final Medal Count:
USA: 37
Germany: 30
Canada: 26

Due to our hectic weekend (my signing and attending a special BSA's 100th year of Scouting), all of Saturday's and last night's festivities are still on my DVR. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it this week!

Latest Update on Step-daughter:
I didn't talk to her last night, but S reported she's undergoing surgery later this week. I'll talk to her later today; I really don't think the kids can afford to lose another week of school, esp if they are taking Terre Nova tests. I may have to pack a bag and move up there until she gets out of the hospital. Keep your fingers crossed the SU agrees!


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Happy Birthday to your baby! Congrats on the new e-reader. I'm sure you're enjoying it immensely. :)

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