Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday: Middle School Games

Currently Reading: Lonnie Heats Up by Sloane Taylor. I'm nearly finished with it. Next up: Golden Opportunity by Donna Marie Rogers. Print-wise, still on Until I Find You.

Goals for Today:
-Wash curtains on front window and door.
-Sweep and clean hardwood floor along west and front walls.
-Vacuum rug.

We were gearing up for the final weeks of school and the end of the year competition between the homeroom classes. I had a HUGE crush on my chemistry lab partner, and since we shared a homeroom, we would also be on the same team. I had performed quite well in the 'Cracker Whistle' game (you ate two or three packages of Saltines and then attempt a wolf whistle) the previous year, so I signed up for it again. And I also volunteered to be a part of the Human Pyramid.

My crush ended up being one of the five 'base' people; I was placed on the next level. I tried to position myself so I would be kneeling on his back, but our side kept collapsing. Finally, I was moved to the opposite side, and we managed to hold our pyramid for the required ten seconds.

I also had a run-in with one of the 'undesirable' males in my class. For whatever reason, he and I ended up sitting in a shady doorway during the games. He kept inching closer to me; I kept backing away. Finally, I had no choice but to stand up and walk away. I was too shy/polite to tell him to get lost! I guess he got the hint I wasn't interested; he left me alone the following year.


barbara huffert said...

You have such great memories. I seem to have blocked out that part of my life. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Ms. Molly,
I nominated you for a blog award, for details see