Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Ramble...

Currently Reading: Finished Curses last night, and OMG! This is making a serious bid to be my favorite CSP book, replacing Djinni and the Geek and Dragon In The System. Maybe I'll just make it a 3-way tie...Definite Recommended Read!!!!! Do not pass Go; go directly to The Wild Rose Press and get this book:) Also read Ashley Ladd's Simon Says, and began Amber Skyze's One Tasty Night. OMG...This story has some hilarious moments! I'm LOVING it! I'm also going to have to reread Ashley's; I was half asleep while reading, and was more interested in the ending than the details. Sorry Ash...I promise to reread at a later date!

Goals for Today:
(yes, I'm a slacker.... I'm 1/3 through this room!)
-Wash S's BRM curtains
-Wash down baseboards along SE corner
-De-clutter 'office' shelves
-Wash K's bedding. Youngling had an accident at 3am. Fun, fun... Check.

Had a terrific day yesterday! I pitched a Kenzie story to a publishing loop I joined last month, and within an hour had heard from an interested publisher:) Sent it off, and now am playing the waiting game again...but that's okay. This gives me time to polish the thing, as I found a few minor POV issues when I read it this afternoon. I haven't touched this wip since 2007. I'll let you know when I hear any news.

As you can tell, my cleaning motivation is SHOT, but hopefully today will be better. Everyone is thrilled to no longer be tripping over the toddler's toys:) Now if I can just get the SU to move some of his stuff, so I can put some candles out...

Visited with a neighbor, who'd bought a Kindle. I took my Sony over and we compared. Discovered I'm not on Kindle, but Reg, Brynn, and Kelly are! Silly me...forgot to search for my own name instead of just Kenzie's!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the plug on One Tasty Night. I loved writing that book. :)

Congrats on the request.

Molly Daniels said...

I finished reading it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it:)

I'll keep you posted on the submission.

Linda Kage said...

YAY on the request. Can't wait to hear how it comes out.