Monday, May 3, 2010

Gift For You

In honor of my 19th wedding anniversary today, here is a never-before-posted scene from Kenzie's All She Ever Wanted. I found out I did manage to sell a few more copies last quarter, so I'm pretty happy:) We also had a great time yesterday in Nashville, IN, at a friend's confirmation. Pictures will be posted later this week.


“Now this is what I call an engagement lunch.” Marc smiled, plucking a juicy
strawberry from the silver bowl and dipping it into the warmed chocolate. He
drizzled the dark liquid over Amber’s naked breasts and popped the fruit into her
waiting mouth. Lazily, he licked each rosy nipple, marveling at the turn of events
in the last eighteen hours. “Yesterday at this time, I was resenting the imposition
of hosting a dinner party and trying to get out of it. And then I walked into my
kitchen and there you were.”

“This time yesterday….” Amber’s voice trailed off as she selected another
strawberry and mimicked his actions, trailing the chocolate around her belly and
offering it to him. “I was eating hot dogs and defending my single status to my
relatives.” She sighed as Marc’s lips dipped lower and swiped her clit.
Marc shifted his body downward and slid two fingers into her drenched
passage. Even though they had made love minutes after checking into the
luxurious hotel, he still couldn’t get enough of her. But then again, they’d always
been insatiable for each other. He circled her clit with his tongue and felt her
body clench around his hand.

Amber reached out and knocked the box of condoms off the table as she tore
another packet from the strip and handed it to him. “Please…I want to come with
you this time.”

He removed his hands and ripped open the foil. Rising, he swiftly rolled it on
his swollen shaft and with a sigh, settled himself in the cradle of her thighs again.
It was just like coming home; Marc couldn’t explain it, but his body felt so right,
being buried to the hilt inside her. He lowered himself, feeling her silken legs
clasp his lower back, her arms wind around his neck. Their mouths met hungrily,
then exploded with laughter as they felt their sticky centers collide.

“Think we’ll end up as a pair of weirdoes in the ER?” Amber shook with mirth.
“I see the headlines…‘Fused Together by Chocolate’, ‘Business Owners Surgically

Marc cautiously raised his torso. “If we’d have kept going, maybe,” he
chuckled. He dropped his head and kissed her. “Just think how much fun it’s
going to be, washing each other in the shower.”

“Mmmm….” Amber sighed as he resumed his thrusts. She spread her legs
wide as she trailed her fingertips down his chest. “Oh, that feels good….” She held
her thighs open with her hands as his speed increased. “Don’t stop!”

“As if I could.” Marc felt the pressure building again. Watching her breasts
jiggle as he bucked forward, her cries grew louder as she reached blindly for him,
and he let everything go. With one last thrust, he called her name and felt his
essence filling the latex balloon.

“God,” he panted, cradling her close. “I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to wear
these damn things anymore!”

“I know,” she sighed. “I miss the feel of you.” She pulled away with a grimace
and reached for another strawberry. “One more before the shower?” She smiled
impishly and dunked the fruit into the chocolate bath. Amber playfully anointed
the end of Marc’s nose with it, and then popped the berry into her own mouth.

“Just for that….”

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Anytime Darlin’-Julia Barrett (Resp. Press)
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Flavors of Ecstasy- CSP et al (EC)
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Amber Skyze said...

Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for the great excerpt.

Molly Daniels said...

You're welcome Amber:)