Monday, May 24, 2010

Recommended Read:)

I was able to do some reading over the weekend and thought I'd share these excellent books with you:)

London's Haute Ton calls her Miss Temptation. But Elizabeth Grayson can't be bothered by society's diversions while seeking justice for her murdered sister. She is a woman on a dangerous mission. Now is not the time for mindless social engagements or courtships from men she has no intention of marrying. However, Christian Delaford is no ordinary man. He stirs her like no one she has ever met before. His eyes speak of sin and tangled sheets. Of decadent nights spent in his arms. Far too diverting for her peace of mind.

Christian Delaford, the Duke of Haverton, must be married by midnight of his birthday or forfeit his heritage to a distant relation. After years of living a hedonistic life in the Orient, the thought of binding himself forever to an insipid English Miss fairly curls his toes. London's current 'diamond of the first water', however, changes his mind. In Elizabeth, he finds a bold and daring woman who harbors a terrifying secret. He vows to chase Miss Temptation, to the ends of the earth if needs be, and save her from the forces that would tear them both apart.

Art professor Seth Granger has two problems—an absentee life drawing models and a case of unrequited lust. Luckily his troubles have the same answer—his colleague, Dr. Callie Sullivan.

The trick will be getting her out of her clothes and into his studio…and hopefully into his bed. However, she's intent on keeping her mind on her art and ignoring him. Now he just needs to convince her she should be his body of art.

For centuries, there have been legends of Vampires—the fault of one careless dragon. But humans only know part of the story. Walking amongst us are Dragons—Shape-shifters who feed on blood.

Reluctant Dragon Elder Janos Aventech’s vacation in New York is about to come to an abrupt end. Riding on the subway, he stumbles across a Dragon mate—one of the few human women with whom his people can unite and be truly happy. And his people’s enemies are out to get her. As his attraction to this woman grows, he knows he must find her mate and see her safely into that man’s arms. It’s destined. But as every minute passes in her company, Janos begins to see he’ll never willingly let her go, mate or not.

If only she were his mate…

On the subway, Scarlett couldn’t stop staring at him—then he turned crazy. When he essentially kidnaps her off the train, she knows she should be irate and terrified. Instead, she finds her initial attraction growing. But what’s all this stuff he’s spouting about mates and enemies? She only wants to return to her life, not get caught in the middle of a war. But it’s too late for that. She’s destined for a Dragon’s bed, and in Janos’ arms, she can only hope it’s his.

All three of these are available at Resplendence Publishing. Go pick up your copy today!

Saying Goodbye...
Today is also going to be a sad day around here: We're finally going to say goodbye to my beloved Black Lab, Lucky. The bladder issue continues, and she's 13 years old and has had a good spoiled life with us the past ten years. I'll probably give her a tribute on Wednesday.

It's been rescheduled for tomorrow. We have one more day with her.

Cleaning Goals for Today:
-Vacuum all floors
-Woodwork and cabinets in the kitchen


Amber Skyze said...

All the books sound like TBR.

Hugs Molly! I know it won't be easy saying goodbye to Lucky.

Ashley Ladd said...

I dread the day I have to say goodbye to any of my loved ones, furry or fleshy. It's never easy.


barbara huffert said...

Crying along with you, dear Molly. That's never an easy decision to make even when you know it's time. Many hugs.

theredryan said...

WOW..its awesome and amazing books

Mia Watts said...

Poor Lucky. hugs

Bronwyn Green said...

Thank you for the recommended read, Mol.

And big, huge hugs about Lucky. I'm so very sorry. {{{HUGS}}}