Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Look Backhe

Normally at this time each year, I look back and record how many books I've written or read, as well as any other pertinent information. But not this year. No, with the loss of my internet, my time on here is precious, and I've only got two hours before I leave the store. So here is my brief overview.

2010 was not kind to us. We had a good January, complete with an awesome tax refund, which brought my Sony Pocket E-reader into the house. But things slowly went downhill.

Feb: My BFF's mother passed away, and I DID sell a few books while I was there, as well as catching up with her relatives I'd not seen in close to 20 years.

March: My step-daughter entered the hospital 'for just a few days' and ended up staying for three weeks. After her kids spent over a week with us, it was clear someone needed to step up and take care of them where they could attend school. I packed a bag.

At the end of the month, I prepared my kids for a much-needed vacation. Surprise, oldest applied for and began a job at McDonald's. Since he was the responsible one, and the SU was off to pipeline school, I left him behind and took the other two north. The next day, the SU called, complaining his sight was doing something funny, and would I call the eye doctor? I did....and when I called back to tell him they wanted to see him IMMEDIATELY, he asked me for the phone number and made his own arrangements. I spent the day at the pool and praying everything would be okay.

The next day, he called to tell me he had a detached retina and was being dispatched to Evansville. To make a long story short, he had it reattached on Friday; released from the hospital on Saturday; our oldest had his Eagle Scout Ceremony on Sunday.

April: I spent the entire month putting drops in the SU's eyes and shuttling him back and forth to the eye doctor. We also drove to Nashville, IN for a friend's confirmation.

May: My editor contacted me for Teacher's Pet; I was in the middle of track meets and Graduation Hell, so I told her to take her time. I also pitched a story and Shadowfire Press asked me to send it to them. I also made the heartbreaking decision to euthenize my beloved Black Lab, Lucky.

June: Editor decided she was overstressed and overworked, and dropped me plus four others. I began setting up my display at the Farmer's Market, hoping to earn some money. Sales were mixed.

July: The heat rolled in; 90's nearly every day. I was whining about a rejection when a private email prompted me to submit to a publishing company I'd not heard from. Instead of doing some research, I sent it off, and received an acceptance letter the next day! Plus, the timing was right for a new bookstore; would I want to be involved? YES!

We also buried my MIL on the 15th and spent a few days with friends and family. The following week, we had to euthenize Mikey the rat and one week after that, Pinky was found dead in the cage.

August: Plans kicked into high gear for The Mockingbird Book Emporium. I helped paint shelves; we took a road trip for my books; I started cataloging inventory. The kids went back to school, and we signed the SU up for disability.

September: Mockingbird opened on the 11th with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and the Mayor in attendance. I was also contacted by the Christmas Parade committee, wondering if myself and several other authors would be interested in being in the parade. We agreed, and later discovered we were to be the Grand Marshals.

October: The SU's disability application was denied; we immediately retained a lawyer and appealed. With the unemployment money running out, we trimmed our budget as much as we could, and I began job-hunting.

November: With one storage unit emptied, we concentrated on moving the contents of the other one into our basement. I procured two job interviews, but neither of them sequed into job offers. My fourth book, Wild At Heart was released, and the temperatures decided to drop into the middle 20's.

December: We cleaned everything out of storage except my antique organ. The van refused to start, causing us to nearly not get to my parents' house for Christmas. We ended up taking two vehicles, and I think everyone was happier. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia after a happy and relaxing Christmas. Plus, my oldest son is a hero; we are blessed to have friends and family who helped us through this rough holiday season, and more importantly, God has provided for all our needs until the SU's unemployment benefits were reinstated on Christmas Eve day.

Looking ahead, I've pre-posted most of January's interviews, and I'm hoping to have internet up and running by the second week of January. Tonight, I'm fixing appetizers and snacks for whoever shows up at my house; I will watch the ball drop and ring in 2011 with my family before heading off to bed:)



Amber Skyze said...

Happy New Year, Molly. May 2011 be brighter for you and your family.


Marie Rose Dufour said...
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Marie Rose Dufour said...

Good luck with the new year. I deleted a post because of a spelling error that I could not have out there in publich. You did the right thing by getting a lawyer to handle the disablity claim. It is the way to go. Good luck!

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Only to have another error. Need more coffe!

Sandra Cox said...

Hope 2011 is a great one on both a personal and professional level, Molly.

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Can't win today!

Mona Risk said...

Dear Molly, Happy New Year. I hope the year 2011 will be kinder to you and your family.

Linda Kage said...

Here's hoping 2011 is lots better than your 2010. Fingers crossed.

anny cook said...

It's amazing how very quickly our lives can turn around. Blessings on you and your family and in the new year!

Regina Carlysle said...

2010 was not the best of years at our place either, Molly. A mix of good with the bad and that helped a bit. Here's to 2011. It just has to be better.

Molly Daniels said...

Thank you everyone fcr the kind words and best wishes:)

The SU and I had a disagreement and he stormed off to cool down. I watched Prancer and rang in 2011 with the youngling. Things can only go UP from here, right? LOL:)

I did NOT realize how whiny that post sounded! Geez...I need to get my home internet up and running again!

Sandra Cox said...

Hope 2011 is 11 is a positive one, Molly.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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