Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday: Birthday Wish Come True:)

Recap: Freshman me, skinny and with a full set of braces on my teeth, somehow managed to catch the eye of a Senior boy in my church Youth Group, while wearing a one-piece, Speedo bathing suit. D played trumpet in the Marching Band, and his sister was in my Bible study. I'd gotten my braces off in October, plus my crush had HUGGED me, causing a few of the more 'popular' girls to start making snide comments.

My 15th birthday happened to fall on a Friday. Typically, since my birthday is so close to Christmas, there isn't much time to schedule a party. Usually the weather interferes; Christmas parties are scheduled; or the final week of school is taking place. So my parents let me choose the restaurant or special meal, if the weather is too bad. This particular Friday, a basketball game was a MUST. My best friend R was allowed to spend the night; we had an early dinner at Noble Romans, and this was when they played the silent movies, so we happily watched Laurel and Hardy, Little Rascals, and old cartoons. Afterward, we attended the basketball game and sat with the Pep Band, cheering with the nearby Pep Block and even enduring a slightly embarrassing rendition of a solo trumpet playing the first lines of 'Happy Birthday' (a friend of D's, whom I'd known since the 5th grade, knew it was my b-day and serenaded me as he was climbing the bleachers!).

During the 3rd quarter, R and I went to concession stand with the Pep Band for our refreshments. R, being braver than I at the time, went up to D and mentioned it was my birthday. D came over to me, offered to share his popcorn with me, and hugged me again:) I was in heaven, and after the game, which our team won, he joined forces with S (the trumpet serenader) and his brother G in instigating an off-key, silly, 'Happy birthday' before instruments were packed up.

And two days later, after Youth Group, he bought me a sundae at Dairy Queen. All was bright in my world:)

We're having a heat wave:) Temps are above freezing, and in an hour I'm heading off to work. I'm up to chapter 12 on Love on the Rocks, and after my shift, heading over to the Open Art Gallery to see this month's artwork displayed. My friend Benjamin's photographs are featured, so going to enjoy his evening in the limelight, as well as snacks and wine. And tomorrow, the Mockingbird Book Emporium is having a blues musician in house! And Sunday, temps are supposed to plummet back to the teens. So I'm going to enjoy these two days of near 40 degree temps, because next week, I hibernate again. At least, until it's time for my shift at the store again.

Currently Reading: Pat Nixon's biography; Fern Michaels' Fool Me Once; and Jae Roth's Circle of Wolves:)

And question of the day: I'm hoping to launch Kenzie Michaels dot com by the first of the year, and am looking for a tag line. What do you think of 'Kenzie Michaels: Steamy Romance with a Dash of Spice'? Suggestions?? Email me at if you don't want to post it in the comments.

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