Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Favorite Gifts Past

Currently Reading: I've been blessed in the past few days, and have won books by Fran Lee, Amber Skyze, and Jean Hart Stewart:) Thank you! And received a wonderful present for my birthday, Anny Cook's Blue Paradise! As soon as I finish reading Jae Roth's Circle of Wolves, I'm going to indulge in a Mystic Valley marathon. I need to refresh my memory concerning Cherished Destinies, Love Never Ending, and then, of course, Blue Paradise!

Print-wise, I'm currently rereading Pretty Little Wives by Abby Drake. And just finished rereading Smothering by Wendy French:)

Christmas 1980:
My favorite gifts that year were my stuffed tiger which purrs (I still have him:) and a stuffed bunny; makeup; and a Shaun Cassidy album:)

Christmas 1990:
My dad installed my new AM/FM stereo/cassette player in my car:) No more AM radio with the tape deck under the dash! I also received new sweaters, books, and perfume.

Christmas 2000:
I chuckled over my daughter's gift to me, a plaque with beautiful flowers and 'To Grandma' on it! K had gotten me a '#1 Mom' pin. I still have them both, and wear the pin each year on Mother's Day.

This Year:
As I type this, I may be wishing for a new dryer. The heating element appears NOT to be the culprit after all. The SU and K were scratching their heads and trying to determine why there is power TO the thing, and power FROM why won't the darn thing HEAT? Hopefully they'll have it figured out so I can wash and dry clothing tonight....the youngling is out of clean underwear and 'going commando' is losing its charm!

Today's Carol:
This is in honor of my youngling, who pulled out his 3rd tooth in church.

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth,
My two front teeth, see my two front teeth?
Gee, if I could only have my two front teeth,
Then I could wish you Merry Christmas.

"Everybody stops and stares at me...
These two teeth are gone as you can see...
I don't know just who to blame for this catastrophe,
But my one wish on Christmas Eve is as plain as it can be!"

And who can resist....
"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...
Only a hippopatamus will do...
No crocodiles, no rhinosorusses,
I only like hippopotamusses
And hippopotamusses like me too!

I can see me now on Christmas morning,
creeping down the stairs
Oh, what joy and what surprise, when I open up my eyes
and see a hippo hero standing there..."

What are some of your favorite gifts?
In the event I don't have internet, I'll be able to check in tomorrow!  
I'm preposting as many posts as possible, so see you on Thursday!


Unknown said...

Good luck with the dryer. Not the most convenient time to go!

Marie Rose Dufour said...

Merry Christmas and good luck with the dryer.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Merry Christmas, Molly! Good luck with the dryer. Thanks for being such a loyal friend.

Molly Daniels said...

Merry Christmas:) Update on dryer to follow:)