Friday, December 3, 2010

Flashback Friday: Christmas 1970

I think this is the Christmas where our current tradition of Christmas morning was started. I remember waking up early and being excited to see all the presents under the tree. I spotted a package with an 'M' on it, and eagerly ripped it open!

Inside, though, was some stupid thing, NOT what I wanted. It wasn't a toy; it wasn't a stuffed animal. I tucked it back behind the tree and went back to bed.

Later, my mother woke me up and took me to the living room. She handed me several presents, and I was thrilled to see these were more to my liking:) And then my dad spotted the already open one, and I 'fessed up.

Mom hugged me, but told me I'd opened up a gift meant for my father, whose name also begins with an 'M'. And from then on, every Christmas morning my sister and I would get up; inspect the tree for 'our pile', and then go wake up the parents. No more jumping the gun on Christmas morning; Christmas is for Family Time, and to a little girl who couldn't yet read, that lesson was a valuable one.

Imagine if my parents had looked the other way? I can't fathom opening presents alone, without my family oohing and aaahing over the excitement.

Update On NaNo:
My final word count was 16, 385. And I've finally figured out how to edit on my 7" netbook:) Don't laugh; I actually forgot to take the laptop with me to the store, and spent the majority of my shift editing Chapters 8 and 9 of Love On The Rocks:)

It's Cookie Time:)
Baked 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday, and ran out of eggs. Got mad at the SU when I caught him eating the ones I'd set aside (and labeled!) for W's teacher gift. His reason? 'You should always let the family eat the first batch...' I'd left 2 dozen for the family! And since this is the same man I've caught taking the chocolate chips out of the freezer for a snack, and limited funds to replace my baking supply, I wish he'd leave my efforts alone! At this rate, I'm not going to have any cookies for the teacher or crossing guard, and since his unemployment ran out this week, there will be no money for anything unless a) anyone I've interviewed with hires me (I'm supposed to hear by Monday on one which strongly looks promising!) or b) I manage to sell the rest of my books in inventory. I know God has a Plan; he took care of us last July when this happened.

Today, we are finally putting up the tree! I also want to send our donated stuff to the St. Vincent de Pau store, and get it out of the corner of my living room. We're also donating a microwave and cart, which is still in storage, plus a bunch of toys no one's played with in over four years. Hopefully, other little boys and girls can take them home, and they won't run into anything ala Toy Story 3, LOL:) Yes....watched that movie last week and cried my eyes out at the end! And why did I watch it just before cleaning out the toy box? NOT FAIR!

Have a great weekend everyone:)


Sandra Cox said...

When my brother was little he wanted the wrapped box my sister had, it was bigger so he figured it must be better. He exchanged the tags and put his name on her gift. He opened it and was quite disgusted when he got a doll:)

Molly Daniels said...

LOL Sandra:)