Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday and A Miracle:)

Feb 2001:

Valentine's Day arrived before the tax refund did, so we celebrated it at home, and in a quiet manner. I fixed a three pound pork loin; mashed potatoes; carrots; hot rolls; salad....and baked a red velvet cake.

I also went with a friend to pay for her new living room set with her tax refund, and the salesman heard me talking about my planned dinner:

"Wow...can I be your Valentine?"

Ha Ha:)

He's Back!
Last night, as we were relaxing before dinner when S heard a meowing. At first she thought it was on the television program, but when she muted the TV, the sound continued. She looked out on the porch and there, looking skinny and rather frantic, was Oreo the missing cat!

She let him in, calling "Oreoz is back! Where have you been, boy?"

He ran straight for his food bowl in the bathroom and curled around my legs in appreciation as I filled it. Afterward, he joined me on the bed and underwent an intensive 'purring and lovefest' by myself, the SU, and S. The youngling had been invited to a friend's house after school, and we thought how happy my little guy was going to be when he arrived home.

An hour later, S and I left for Thursday Church, and the SU filled us in on the happy reunion two hours later:

"I opened the basement door and called to the youngling. He saw Oreo's tail disappear under the table, and yelled his name, crawling under the table to pick him up. They stayed under the table for several minutes; youngling exclaiming over and over, 'You're back! My kitty came back!' I'm surprised the cat put up with it that long."

"He missed us."

As I said, he's lost quite a bit of weight; wherever he was the past three weeks, he wasn't getting a lot of food. I'm glad we weren't in any hurry to get rid of the litterbox or the full bag of cat food we'd just bought before he disappeared! Youngling's 7th birthday is next Tuesday, so this was a nice 'early birthday' present.

Currently Reading: Finished Access Denied last night, and it was as wonderful as I'd remembered:) I'd forgotten some minor details as to the explanation of Leah's character, but this book is definitely a Recommended Read! Next up: Blood Bought by Brynn Paulin:)


Unknown said...

What a happy moment for you and the family. I'm so glad Oreo returned.

anny cook said...

Cool that the kitty RETURNED!