Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Interviews:)

Kenzie's the guest blogger over at Fiona McGier's blog, talking about 'The rest of the story'. Go over and leave her a comment, please? And there's a humorous game of To Tell The Truth over at Kenzie's Place. Let her know if she's suffering from MPD?

Sang Karaoke for only the second time last night....and discovered two things:
a) Never choose a song 'because I love it'; it might sound perfectly fine as you're singing along in your car, with the music cranked up, but just you, a microphone, and the background music? It may be waaaaaaaayyyy out of your singing range!

b) I used to be a high soprano, but Sheryl Crow is now too high. Or maybe I hadn't properly 'warmed up.'

At any rate, I attempted 'Careless Whisper' (waaaaayyyy too low for me!) and then was roped into singing 'Picture' with one of the other patrons (too high!) I guess I should have taken Kid Rock's part!

Even so, I've been invited back, and I think what I'm going to do is just try out a variety of songs until I find some which match my rusty singing skills! I've always wanted to sing karaoke, but was too chicken to try it. But now, surrounded by friends who don't care if my voice cracks, it's all in good fun:) And, I get to pretend I'm a rock star:)

What about you? Ever tried karaoke? Or is your singing confined to the shower or your car?


Unknown said...

I give you credit...I'd never get up and sing Karaoke. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I'd never sing in public unless it's at Jazzercise class and the music is very loud! I used to play piano for all of the school choirs, and realized 2 things: I have a high tenor voice (unusual for a female!), and I have a "tin ear"...I think I'm on key, but no one else does! :C