Monday, February 28, 2011

Award Shows

I used to love award season. Mom and I would watch the Golden Globes and Oscars together, and see who could pick the winners. She didn't care for the Grammies, so I'd usually watch it alone.

Last night, I discovered one of my friends was holding an 'Oscar Party' on Facebook, and inviting comments on everything. I convinced my SU to hook up our wifi, so I could join in.

Wifi threw a tantrum, so I brought out my laptop and opened a document, so I could keep a running commentary to post later. This brought laughter from my daughter...but when I explained what I was doing and why, she found an unsecured network we could access with the laptop, and I was able to join the party halfway through.

I kept my document, however, and posted it. Some of my comments are snarky; others are in praise of the winners.

But one thing stood out: They finished ON TIME! I was in bed by midnight, and there wasn't a lot of 'fluff'. I liked that. Others didn't, calling it 'booooorrrring!!!'

Take the Grammies. I wasn't particularly impressed this year. Too many performances, not enough awards. My kids and I laughed at the one, maybe ten or so years ago, when it seemed if you performed, you won the next award. That show was both funny and predictable after an hour or so. And for a while, every year there was a 'breakout' star. One year it was Ricky Martin; the next, Big and Rich. This year...I couldn't even tell you if there was any. I did enjoy Lady Gaga's performances both this year and when she performed Paparazzi (MTV awards???) Last year, my daughter DVR'd the awards, but didn't get them all. I had to watch both the news and Entertainment Tonight to see Lady Gaga's 'meat' costume, and her outrageously high heels. Seriously, who can walk in 10" heels? Insane. I tried on a pair of 3" stilettos once and knew if I wore them, it would only be to get me into the club, and then be barefoot the rest of the night. I go for comfort over fashion. Sorry!

Anyway, back to Oscar. Yes, some of the jokes fell flat for me, and some presenters seem to be trying too hard.

And I discovered I have bad fashion-sense: I liked Melissa Leo's dress; it got a 'Worst' nod from the expert this morning. Let's see what CoJo says tonight on ET.

As far as the awards went, I was thrilled when Colin Firth and King's Speech won for Best Actor and Picture. Natalie Portman for Best Actress. The only songs I even liked were from Toy Story 3 and Tangled, so I was happy in that category. The only one I disagreed with was Best Animated Feature: I think How To Train Your Dragon was better than TS3. But I own both, so kudos to the winner. Oh, and I was disappointed Haley Seinfeld (is that her name??) didn't get Best Supporting Actress, and I was also hoping Geoffrey Rush would win Best Supporting Actor. But there were no 'sweeps', so that shows talent across the board, imho!

What's your take? Watch them or hate them? Boring or good?

Bring back Billy Crystal as host!


Stephanie said...

Pretty boring...we DVR'd it and didn't start til like 10 or fast forwarding through the junk, we caught up and were in bed at midnight.

I thought the hosts were bad...and I adore Anne Hathaway. Have never been a James Franco fan. I think the Oscars is my least favorite awards show...I adore all the rest.

Looking forward to Fashion Police hearing what Joan Rivers has to say. She is so hilarious!

Amber Skyze said...

I slept on and off, but what I watched was boring. I saw the fighter and thought Christain Bale did an amazing job with the role, so I was glad he won for Best Supporting Actor. Though, if being honest, he should've been the lead because he stole the movie from Mark.
I too like Melissa Leo's dress. :)

Julie Eberhart Painter said...

I like what you said about research. Too much research obliterates the plot. No research discounts the author. Need to know, way to go.


Marie Rose Dufour said...

I thought that James Franco was snore worthy! Anne had moments where she was funny. I enjoyed her song about Hugh Jackman. Bring back the comedians!