Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday Catch Up

I know; I've missed a couple of weeks.

1971: I had only been five for two months. Who knows what was going on, other than playing in the snow and trying to play with a four-month-old baby sister?

1981: My Cheesy Valentine: I walked up to my crush, asked "You want a kiss?"

He looked startled, and said no.

"Too bad; I've got an entire bag of them." And held up a Hershey's Kiss!

He visibly relaxed and took one. I was thrilled I had been so bold as to actually go through with the dare from my friend Christy!

1991: D and I had been 'officially' dating now for two months. He got me a solid Hershey's Kiss, which came in a clear plastic container. The top broke several months later, but the base became a nice shallow container for stray paperclips and push pins. I have no idea if I got him anything or not. We also went out to dinner at the Olive Garden.

What's Your Opinion?
I've now heard both sides of this argument....go over to BC Brown's blog and see if the law of supply and demand works for authors.


Amber Skyze said...

I think it's great you asked him at 5! :)

Mysti said...

Wait a minute--was this fella from 1991 the same little feller from 1981? If so, you've got a whole story in the making :) Thanks for posting such sweetness!

Molly Daniels said...

Oops, sorry; two many D's:) Thanks for pointing that out Mysti!

No; the D in 1981 was just a friend. The D in 1991 is my current SU:)

Mysti said...

Oh-hee hee!