Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

First of all, my son posted on FB today he has decided not to pursue his college education and will therefore be returning home at the end of this semester.

Ha ha ha....April Fool, K...I know for a FACT you've committed to a year's lease at the fraternity, and Grandpa has no plans to pay for a non-existent tenant.

My all-time favorite April 1 prank involved a whirlwind trip to Washington DC my junior year. I was 17, my sister 14. To set the scene, remember those ages. My sister was extremely conscious of her looks, as are nearly all early teenage girls. We had spent a very quiet Spring Break at home, since our mom was in Florida with the high school orchestra, and our dad went to work every day. I did not yet have my driver's license, so we hung out at home, slept late, and enjoyed having a week's vacation.

Dad arrived home Thursday night and asked us if we'd like to tour the Nation's Capital over the weekend. Our eyes lit up; Dad said to pack and be ready to hit the road early Friday morning.

Friday night, we stayed in a motel in either Delaware or Maryland; called Mom in Florida and told her where we were.

Saturday, April 1st. We dressed in comfortable footwear and headed out. Just as Dad was about to close the door, I said to my sister, "Oh've got a huge stain all down the back of your shirt!" (She hadn't put her light jacket on yet.)

She freaked out. "I do?" She pushed Dad out of the way and ran to the mirror in the bathroom. Just as she's twisting and turning, trying to see it, and crying out she only brought one more shirt with her, I piped up.

"April Fool!"

She stopped, thought a moment, glared at me (Dad was starting to chuckle at this point), and punched my shoulder.

"That's NOT funny!"

She stalked past me and out into the hallway. Dad closed the motel door and requested no more pranks be pulled, as we had a lot to see, and a very limited amount of time to see everything.

We then spent a very enjoyable day with our dad, and the only thing we didn't get to do was tour the White House. I could have cheerfully spent more time in the Museum of Natural History; but time was growing short and we also wanted to see Ford's Theater, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In fact, we arrived at the cemetery just in time to see the changing of the guard.

The newest exhibit back in 1983? The Vietnam War Memorial.

Sunday, we drove home:)

The End...
"When God closes a door, He opens a window..."

Ever since I decided to switch my focus on my DWTS book, the ideas keep flowing, trying to 'gel'. I hope this is my window, and the next creative project to control my brain and fingers.

We officially moved everything out of The Mockingbird Book Emporium last night (borrowed a truck and took five loads to Goodwill and several loads to both owner's homes) and cleaned it with the landlord's help. So one door is closed, but hopefully this next idea is my window. My youngling told me last night he was glad I would be home again all the time, instead of working at the store every Saturday. Yes, he's somewhat still attached to Mommy at the age of seven.

Have a great weekend! Not sure if we have any specific plans, other than me being glued to the TV Saturday for the Final Four, and proof the SU listens to me? He brought me a supply of pistachio nuts this morning!

"I couldn't remember what else it was you wanted..."

That's okay; we'll go get the pretzels and another package of nuts later today; I know I'll eat the entire bag during one game!

Final 4: VCU vs Butler (I'd like Butler to win, but have a feeling VCU is going to dominate!)
U Conn vs Kentucky (I'd love to see Kentucky win this one!)
So it can go either way for me:)

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Unknown said...

LOL Have fun watching the games. Enjoy the pistachios they're my favorite. :)

Molly Daniels said...

The ones I can't open, I give to my SU:)