Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fact or Fiction...Or Maybe TMI???

I've had to stop wearing a bra.

Okay, you can pick yourself off the floor now. But seriously, I heard in college if you didn't wear a bra, then gravity would take over and you'd have floppy boobs.

I'm twenty-five years older now, and still wearing the same size...and have come to the conclusion of 'who the hell cares?'

My issues began around the Christmas holidays, when I noticed I was particularly itchy after getting dressed. I found it increasingly uncomfortable when out in public, to be constantly scratching my chest, and the minute I arrived home in the evening would take the offending item off.

New Year's Day, I decided a) I wore enough layers no one would even notice; and b) I've always chosen comfort over fashion, so why not? After all, my great-grandmother admitted back when she was in her 80's, she hadn't worn a bra for years.

But now the weather's getting warmer, and my layers are shrinking. I've worn the offending item to church, only to, you guessed it, removed it as soon as possible. But what the hell am I going to do when the temps get into the 80's and above?

Maybe I need to add more fabric softener when I do the laundry?

Try another bra style?

Pasties? (Ugh...)

Tough it out with the bra or multiple layers?

Or maybe this was a TMI post and I need to just delete it?

Or is anyone even reading my blog anymore, and this was just for shock value? Let me know what you think:)


Stephanie said...

I am a true believer that wearing a bra does prevent gravity from taking over! LOL! I even wear one to bed. Wish I would have started that earlier. I wear a bra 24/7 with the only times I go free is when I'm in the shower. I just need the security of having them in place and no flopping around!! LOL!! I found some great bras that are 100% comfortable for daytime- an underwire with formed foam-like cups. They're made my Barely There. And at night I wear a very soft cotton/lycra mix, no shape or underwire.

Good luck!

Molly Daniels said...

I HATE underwires with a passion, though I do own a knock-off version of the WonderBra:)

However, no one notices any difference when I'm wearing it:)

Hubby was disappointed when the boobs shrank again after every child, lol:)

Beth Shoaf said...

You are funny, Molly! Maybe you can compromise and get some of those bra-lettes, almost like a short camisole. They're comfy. Or how about a camisole w/ a built in shelf bra? Those would work. I wish I could go braless! My boobs are getting bigger by the year...up to C cup now...what will they be in a few years? Ugh!

Molly Daniels said...

I forgot to mention, maybe I'm taking too hot showers? But the rest of my body doesn't itch...

And yes, I'm wearing soft camisoles as the first 'layer'. But since I get cold easily, I'm also wearing very LOOSE shirts on the warmer days! Still don't want anything visibly 'poking' through, ha ha:)

Miranda Stowe said...


Maybe a little TMI, but it's a great post, and something every woman--I'm sure--considers. I don't do underwires because, ugh, ouch.

If you don't have too big of a cup size that you might risk poking out an eye every time you take a step from the massive flopping going on, then I wouldn't worry about it too much.

And I don't know about not-wearing a bra making you sag, but having a kid will certainly do it.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Miranda:)

anny cook said...

I'm a 44D. I wear the 3/$10 sports bras from Wal-Mart for one simple reason. One side is a whole size (or more) larger than the other side. The extra benefit? I can afford to have them in a zillion colors and I do love colored undies...

You might also cut the amount of soap you use. One article I read said you clothes get just as clean with plain water... And the fabric softener could also be irritating you. Good luck with this.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Anny; I considered the laundry soap, but since it doesn't affect the rest of my body....If I can ever afford to buy TIDE again...or the SA8 from Amway...loved that stuff! In the meantime, using Xtra from Walmart. $6 gets me a month's worth of laundry detergent