Monday, April 11, 2011

Rainy Monday

Spent the weekend promoting Kenzie's work over at The Romance Studio, through trial and error. If you click the link, and then click on Kenzie's name, you'll see all but two or three posts. She's picked up at least two readers, and met a repeat reader (one who's already read her book and now wants to reread it and others!)

Had some excitement yesterday: The SU was involved in a neighborhood chase to catch two guys fleeing from the police. No one was hurt, and one guy was apprehended by our neighbor. The spouse joined in the chase after witnessing them trying to break into the house across the street, then fleeing. And this just minutes after he expressed how bored he was!

Getting ready to spring clean the house; temps this weekend were in the high 70's/low 80's, so the doors and windows have been open and fresh air all around. Time to go through the youngling's toys and weed out what he no longer plays with, or is broken.

After working on the first three chapters of the new wip, I woke up this morning thinking of how to 'speed up' the opening. Don't you just looooove it when this happens? I may play around with it. And don't know what I'll title it yet; maybe 'The Dance of Her Life' or 'Dancing For Her Life'. This is my Dancing With The Stars-themed wip, and it just dawned on me; maybe I ought to actually watch the show?

Kenzie's talking about the worst reaction I received. No joke; I actually got a letter in the mail. Go over to Kenzie's Place and read it.

Come back tomorrow, when the awesome Cate Masters will be here:)

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Unknown said...

Well I hope your SU doesn't say he's bored too often. That's pretty scary.

I'm glad things are moving along with your new wip. I always have a hard time with titles. I like both that you've chosen.