Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday

Palm Sunday/Easter Weekend 1971:
My younger sister was baptized on Palm Sunday, at age 5 or 6 months of age, depending on what month Holy week occurred:) I don't remember the event, but I DO remember hunting Easter Eggs the following Sunday in my grandparents' back yard:)

Also, it was sometime during this month I had my yearly checkup, and the doctor adviced my mother to take me to the eye doctor; he was concerned about my eyesight (found this tidbit in my medical record book while looking for my son's; I was curious, so I glanced through it!).

Where Did The Week Go?
Monday and Tuesday, despite good intentions, I found myself still chatting on FB and a couple of chat loops until the kids arrived home from school. On at my writer's group, I tried to arrive early, so I could write, but discovered I'd left my flash drive at home.

Did you ever try to chat online with someone, only to discover they were more interested in posting excerpts of their latest work? I'd received a private email, inviting me to a chat. I'll admit, I don't know this person very well, so I decided to be nice and show up. When I did, only one other person had posted, and I knew this person slightly better. As I read the excerpts, it became clear to me I had little interest in the content. So when she asked for questions, I fired back with about five of my own, hoping to learn more about her.

She chose to answer in short sentences, which did little to fuel any further conversation.

By now, my time was up, and posted a good-bye. When I arrived home, I logged back in; waited about fifteen minutes, and rejoined the chat. No one else had joined, but I entered the contest and posted I was back. Next post? "My time is up; goodbye!'. I checked back the next morning; no surprise, I'd not won the contest. Good thing; the book would have probably languished on my flash drive for several years.

Authors, if readers show up to chat, please try to engage them in conversation? This was painful, and I seriously doubt I'll show up to chat with this person again.

Contrast this with another chat coming up next week: When this author and I, plus anyone else who shows up, it's hard to shut us up! And it's been this way since I met this group of authors/readers back in 2007. Instant friendship, and ones I cherish to this day.

Off My Soapbox...
Wow, sort of got carried away there! I did manage to accomplish nearly 500 words from Wed-Thurs, and hope to add more today. Wish me luck:)

Have a good weekend! Our temps are supposed to climb near 80; I hope we'll be able to cook out!!


Amber Skyze said...

I'd avoid that author's chats in the future too. I welcome readers who engage in conversations and ask questions. This way I don't feel so lonely.
Good luck writing. I haven't had a moment of writing this week. :(

Molly Daniels said...

Managed 604; not bad for two hours:) Now I'm waiting for an email to be returned; doing research!

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Molly, congrats on your 500 words.
Chats are always a struggle for me.

Molly Daniels said...

Hi Ms Sandra:) I'm an open and friendly person, but until a comment 'connects' with me, conversation is a struggle...esp when the other person doesn't seem interested in making an effort.

I have this issue with other authors at two of my publishers; no one seems interested in getting to know each other; it's just a 'post and run' thing. I love Anny's chats; sometimes we end up chatting about everything BUT books sometimes! And that's because my blogmates have invested the time to get to know one another...even though we've not met face to face. It's not just 'oooh, great excerpt!'...we actually TALK to each other. Know what I mean?