Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I've overslept the past couple of days, and feel incredibly lazy. My hubby had a tooth pulled on Tuesday, and since he felt a little woozy, he requested I not go to my writer's meeting. I fixed sloppy joes for dinner and we had a pleasant evening.

But yesterday fell apart. The Greece activity was scheduled for 10:30am, and I told the kids I would wake them up early. Guess who woke up at 9:45? I only checked my email and facebook before throwing on my clothes and herding everyone to the car. Hubby's mouth was still bleeding, so he opted not to go. Then a friend asked if I'd watch her little boy for an hour. I said sure, and waited five more minutes.

Ended up with four kids all trying Greek food for the first time. B turned up his nose and only put raisins on his plate. Youngling and ME tried some of everything. MDQ was a little more picky, but still tried a dolmade after she saw me eating one. Afterward, we headed over to the playground, but since it had rained, the activity had been moved to the gym. All three boys immediately jumped on the scooters (when I was a kid, they were called 'dollies') and propelled themselves across the floor. MDQ announced she didn't want to participate; I said fine.

About fifteen minutes later, she spotted the streamers, so she and I went over and I showed her how to twirl them, flutter them, and make pretty patterns. The boys joined us briefly, but soon lost interest. After the Head Start kids went to lunch, we played with the parachute; held a few scooter races; and did a Frisbee toss. Came home and had lunch.

I finally got in the shower, then loaded up my four younglings, plus two neighborhood kids, and went to the library. I got online while they scattered around the Youth Center. ME was upset because I wouldn't log him onto the computer (five out of six were already occupied, and I wanted to avoid having the four boys clamoring for their turn!), but he calmed down and picked out two books. When all the kids had chosen their books, I shoved my laptop back in the case and we came home again.

Fixed and ate dinner; watched a little TV; read two books to the kids; fell into bed.

I didn't pop into any chats
I didn't blog
I still haven't printed out my new contract or mailed it
I did no editing.
And I'd only had one cup of coffee.

And even this morning, I should have stayed up when I put the dog out at 6:30. Told myself I'd 'only sleep one more hour'....woke up at 8:30 instead, and MDQ was eating breakfast already.

And I've also discovered if I don't give ME a time limit, he'll stay on the computer all day long. So today, I'll give each kid a half hour on the Tumble Book site, and no Disney games or Star Wars games until after they've played outside for two hours.

Don't know when I'll get Kenzie's weekly post up; maybe I'll do it the afternoon. Plus, I'll pop over the Novel Sisterhood and spend two hours promoting Wild At Heart, and trying to chat. The XOXO authors were at CTR chat room, and I barely got a word in here and there. I prefer the loops to the live chats; they are at a slower pace.

Still On Title Search
And today I also hope to finish editing Ch 6 of the tentatively titled 'Balancing Act'. I may subtitle it 'When Love Hurts'. What do you think? What word would fit with emotional pain? Maybe 'Hiding the Pain'? No; that brings me back to 'balance'.

'Emotional Roller Coaster'?
'Emotional Rescue'?
'Love In Turmoil'?
'Unbalanced Love'? (ugh...sounds like a psycho-thriller...)
'Finding Her Courage'?

Maybe while I'm editing, Gretchen will speak up.

I'll be back tomorrow with a memory from June 1991:)


Amber Skyze said...

Whew I'm tired just hearing about your day! :) Good luck finding some much needed Molly time.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) Thanks Amber!

Linda Kage said...

I just named my latest story about that kind of stuff...Kiss it Better. I've found two other stories out there with that name: an erotic romance and a kid's picture story.

Anyway, good luck finding the perfect title and the time you need. Whew, you're one busy woman!

anny cook said...

I kind of like Balancing Act. It's unusual and interesting...