Monday, June 6, 2011

Slight Change of Plans...

Meet my 'grandchildren'/niece and nephew:)

This is Miss Drama Queen, age 9. She loves to sing, dance, and be helpful.

The one on the right is Mr. Energy (youngling is in the center). He'd rather play video games, ride his bike, or anything other than be in school.

I give you faces to put with their names because due to circumstances beyond their control, they will be spending the summer with us, and maybe the next couple of years.

First on the agenda for the summer is 'Aunt Molly's Summer School'. My youngling is not reading very well, and my friend BC Brown will be tutoring him once a week. I've also enrolled MDQ and youngling in the summer reading program at the library (ME refused to join, but will be going with us every week to the presentations).

In addition to trips to the library, every day from 10-noon, I will be logging onto the library website and one child will be doing the online reading comprehension games while I work with one of the others (MDQ is very good at reading on her own, but doesn't 'get' the story/movie in her head-in other words, she needs the reading comprehension too!). We will also do this in the evenings; just haven't figured out what time yet. I may just work with each child individually.

The program this year is 'Reading Around the World'. Tomorrow a woman who was in the Ididarod (sp?) and one of her sled dogs will be telling her story; next week, we take our 'passports' and 'fly' to Greece. This sparked some hilarity:

MDQ: How long does it take to get to Alaska?
Me: Several hours by plane; why?
MDQ (pouting): Oooohhh...then we'll have to get up early? And what clothes should we pack?
Me (light bulb moment): Sweetie, we're going to Alaska in our IMAGINATIONS!
MDQ: Greece too?

Yes....we're going to pack up every Tuesday; teleport/get into our super-fast jets; fly to each exotic local; meet the people; fly/teleport home in time for supper! Gotta love kids and their interpretations of library flyers!

So as you can imagine, this will be limiting my time more than ever. I'll still be posting my Terrific Tuesdays this month and next, but I won't be scheduling any more, unless privately contacted. I just don't have the time. I'll still be around occasionally; thankfully the 'follower update' thing-y will let you know when I post, as will Face book (if I remember to post it there, lol!).

I have no idea how long we'll have the kids, but right now they're in a safe environment; they're happy; and MDQ has not had to take any antacids, except when her mother's !@##% boyfriend is mentioned in conversation. And that tells me a lot.

Yes, they are a handful at times, and I often question my sanity, but after 5 years of hoping their mother will get her act together, it's time to step in again and rescue these kids. I should have done it back in '06, but the stress of having to move ourselves AND parent seven 'children' (my three, my spouse, the 'grandkids', and their mom) was too much, so I insisted J get her act together and be responsible. Didn't happen....and now I'm older and wiser...I think!

Didn't get a chance to post this on Sat, but since I know several of this year's graduates, this Stupid Saying is priceless:

Give your graduate the gift of gas!
ad for prepaid gas cards

Currently Reading: Finished The Constant Princess. I don't know if this is one I'll ever read again; it rather contradicts the history I've 'known'. Now I'm on The Other Queen, and since I'm not that familiar with this history, I'm more interested in it. Reading both of these stories has made me very glad I wasn't around in that era! (For whatever reason, blogger will not let me change the text color! It changes in the preview, but not when I publish it. Suggestions?)


Amber Skyze said...

Blogger is horrible lately. It won't let me use bold, color or change anything. It's frustrating to say the least.

You're such a kind-hearted woman to take in the children. It sounds like they need you too.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Amber; I'm trying:)