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Flashback Friday: Correction!

First of all, Kenzie was interviewed yesterday, over at Raine Delight's blog. If you have time, please stop by and say 'hi'?

Secondly, author Amber Skyze is a mommy again! Baby Teagan was born last night at 10:30 pm, weighing in at 4 lbs, 10 oz. Mama and baby are doing fine:)

Last, memory is a funny thing. How is it I can remember events so clearly, but be a year off? Yup....the Cafe Eminence was accurate, but that we didn't go to Colorado until the following year. Here's what took place in July 2001, after the tournament.

"Mom, My Ankle Hurts!"

While baseball was going on, K had slid into a base or two and twisted his ankle. No biggie; we iced it and wrapped with an ACE bandage. Then we took him to Tropicanoe Cove after VBS. He began limping again, after whacking it on the floating 'blocks' of the jungle crossing. Again, we iced and wrapped it.

But a sprained ankle usually heals within a few days. Two weeks later, the ankle was still swollen, so I took him to the doctor. They X-rayed it and said they'd call us.

We'd made plans to go to King's Island the weekend of July 4th, and just before we were getting ready to leave, the dr's office called. K had a fracture in his growth plate and could we come in today? I explained our plans, and Dr. S said not to worry; he'd see us on Monday.

The 'Fun' Way To Do An Amusement Park:)
Since we had a kid with a bum ankle, I suggested we rent a wheelchair for him. I didn't want to be all the way across the park and have him want one. So we did, and it turned out to be a blessing! Did you know if you're pushing a wheelchair, all you have to do is appear at the exit of a ride, and the attendants let you and your family on FIRST? With the exception of two handicapped-accessible rides, of course. K and the SU had a wonderful time. Meanwhile, I learned a valuable lesson: Do NOT split up the family until everyone's on the same page about plans!

K and SU went off to ride the Son Of Beast. S and I do NOT ride coasters, so I snitched a bite of D's snow cone and said, "We'll be over in Kiddie us there." And walked off. We waited...and waited.....and waited. Meanwhile, S rode everything in Kiddie Land, and I let her go through the Splash area. All the while keeping an eye out for an overweight man pushing a wheelchair. Around 7pm, we headed toward Mama Rosa's, where we usually eat dinner. Waited 2 hours; they never showed. Finally, when it came time for the fireworks, S and I parked ourselves by the wheelchair rental place. We were VERY HUNGRY and VERY UPSET! I'd even tried to have him paged, but to no avail. I had no money on me, and we hadn't gone on many rides.

Lesson Learned: If the group is splitting up, HAVE A CELL PHONE ON or at least ARRANGE A MEETING TIME/PLACE! Of course, I maintain if the spouse had done what he was told, instead of going off on his own, S and I would have been a lot happier!

The following Monday, K received his walking cast. A week later, he was off to BSA Summer Camp and wore out his scout leader! She opted to walk with him, thinking he'd be nice and slow. Noooooo.....she had a hard time keeping up with him!

And after the tournament was over, K, S, and I met Grandma and Granny at the airport for our flight to Vancouver, BC. I had broken one of my toes; K was in a walking cast; Granny had a cane; my mother was in a riding scooter. Thankfully we had lots of help at both the Indpls and Pittsburgh airports!

When we arrived in Seattle, mom discovered the limos were the same price as the taxi, so we rode to the hotel in style:) We found a small carnival on our way to the Space Needle, and the kids and I went on a few rides. And the Needle was awesome! I usually have problems coming down from heights, but toughed it out fine.

The next day we boarded the AmTrack train to Vancouver, and what a trip that was! We ate breakfast in the dining car; saw a bald eagle's nest; the kids watched The Emperor's New Groove.

Once there, we drove three hours north to Manning Park, where we'd spend the next five days. We stayed in cabins, and cooked in the kitchen. One evening, we ate at the lodge's restaurant. We hiked; we swam; we enjoyed ourselves. Wendy and I even learned something about ourselves: We'd grown up canoeing in rivers. When we tried to paddle around the lake, we zigzagged all over the place! But when we decided to paddle toward Rainbow Bridge, we hit a narrow passage and paddled in a straight line:)

After Manning Park, we spent one day in Vancouver. I took the kids to the Science Museum and we rode the Elevated Train to downtown, where I'd requested to eat at Planet Hollywood (the one in Indpls had closed). After eating, we purchased souvenier T-shirts and returned to the motel.

Wendy and I got into a fight that night. She had taken our dirty laundry to the laundromat, but it wasn't completely dry, and all she could say was 'sorry'. I had a meltdown: My dad was taking our suitcase in the morning so we didn't have to mess with any luggage at the airports and now she wanted me to pack wet clothing we wouldn't see again for two days? I'm sorry; I lost my temper.

And implored with the manager of the hotel to let me use their dryer. Thankfully he was sympathetic and had his staff dry our clothes. And then I discovered my T-shirt was missing. The kids had theirs; I called Planet Hollywood and sure enough, somehow my sack had been left behind. After much discussion, I took a taxi downtown and retrieved my T-shirt. My sis hadn't wanted me to go, since the 'night time is NOT a good place to be in downtown Vancouver...' I didn't care; I wanted my shirt and did NOT want to wait until she remembered to send it. There would be no time in the morning before our bus trip back to Seattle; I got my way and nobody bothered me.

As stated earlier....Next Month: Being Stabbed In The Back

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