Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday: Correction!

While looking through the photo albums last month, I noticed I actually received my glasses sometime between January and Easter; I was wearing them for my sister's baptism on Palm Sunday.

In July of that year, there are various pictures of myself and my two best friends, Tad and Kim. Kim was a year younger than us, but could already ride a two-wheel bike, while Tad and I were still on training wheels. But peer pressure prevailed, and soon both us persuaded our fathers to remove them, and we soon sped up and down our street together.

We also had a new family member; Heidi the weimeramer (sp??). Unfortunately, she didn't like men (other than my dad) and bit three people. Dad penned her up, but we soon decided it wasn't fair to her, and gave her to someone who had a larger back yard and where she could run free. She was a sweet dog; there's a cute pic of my sister crawling on the floor and my dad and I petting her; but my friends were a little afraid of her. I hope she was happy in her new home.

There's also a cute pic of Kim and I wearing matching red and white outfits; our hair in pigtails. Mom has it labeled "The Bobsey Twins' (I really need to scan those photos, so they'll be saved forever!).

Back to the Present:
Edits arrived for Appetite For Desire! And they look good; only minor issues and no rewrites, except for one paragraph. Maybe I've learned something in the past four years after all? Today is Shopping Day, and I'm hoping to take the kids to the carnival sometime between now and Monday night. Tomorrow, we head to Terre Haute; daughter has chosen The Olive Garden for her birthday lunch. Sunday, she and her dad will breakfast at Denny's before church, and we'll do brats/hot dogs/hamburgers on the grill. Monday, being Independence Day, we might take the kids to the parade at 5 and set off fireworks after the display downtown.

And in all this craziness, I'll be editing four books! Granted, only one (AFD) has a deadline, so that makes it a little easier!

Have a great holiday weekend! And to my sis up in Vancouver....Happy Canada Day:)

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