Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday

July 1991:
"I've sprained my butt!"

"Olive Garden salad again?"

"You ate what?"

When one is pregnant for the first time, and feeling rather put out because of restricted activity, strange things happen. Walking was slightly painful; the only way I could describe it was I felt as if I'd sprained my butt. When I saw the doctor, he explained the muscles were stretching, and encouraged me to do some leg lifts, since I wasn't supposed to be on my feet a great deal.

'Baby' was demanding Olive Garden salad. I found out I could order one to go, so I'd eat salad and breadsticks for lunch, and take another salad home for dinner. Spouse got rather tired and burned out after a while.

And one night, we'd made plans to go out to dinner with a friend. While the spouse was in the shower, I began to get hungry. A PB sandwich sounded good, so I made one. It tasted so good, I made a second. By the time the spouse was dressed, I was on my third. Needless to say, by the time we joined up with his friend and made it to the restaurant, I wasn't hungry anymore, and just drank iced tea. I may have snacked on some cole slaw and french fries, and eaten some dessert.

Our kittens were now three months old and weaned. We talked about giving all but one away, but couldn't decide which one to keep. D liked Rosie; Tag had 'chosen' D as his 'pet'; Gizmo and Tiger were my favorites. In the end, we kept them all. Mama Smokey went to the vet and was permanently fixed. Unfortunately, her new freedom caused her to not want to be in the apartment anymore, but she still came around every night for food. She'd appear; all four kits would run to the door; she'd look amazed as if to say, 'You still HAVE them?' ; eat; and wander off again.

Present Day:
Our wifi works! Oh happy day:) No one argues over whose turn for the internet anymore! And Miss Drama Queen and Mr. Energy left last night for several days with Grandma and Grandpa. Holiday World today, the zoo tomorrow. They'll return on Tuesday. The house is quiet w/o them!

Edits continue on Teacher's Pet; I'm halfway through the MS:) I'm also filling out three cover sheets and an interview for later this month. So I've plenty to keep me occupied while MDQ and ME are gone:)

I've got a dr's appointment today and a quiet weekend ahead. Stay cool everyone!


Amber Skyze said...

You sprained your what!!! I'm actually feeling that way right now. ;)

Enjoy the quiet weekend.

Molly Daniels said...

Hahaha....I thought you might get a kick out of some of my pg memories:)

I feel wonderful! Got a lot of editing accomplished the last two days and am ahead of schedule:)