Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Monday...

Currently Reading: Finished Bronwyn Green's Guardian's Challenge last night! Recommended Read! Next up: Just Right:)

This week is going to go by quickly. I was diagnosed with bronchitis early Saturday, after the going away party. The coughing was causing horrible headaches, so at 1:30 I demanded to be taken to the ER (couldn't get in to see the doctor until Friday the 15th).

Today, I'm finishing the living room. Still have two curtains to wash, plus dusting and vacuuming. Hopefully, I'll get started on the office/bedroom/playroom. I need to strip Mr. Energy's bed and declutter my desk. I also have to do laundry.

Tomorrow, I've got Writer's Guild, plus Laura Kaye will be here for Terrific Tuesday.

Wednesday is Library day and tutoring.

Thursday, I'll be packing MDQ and ME's overnight bag for their trip to Holiday World with Grandpa Lee and Grandma Amy. Youngling and I will head to the Big Bash Ice Cream Social at the library.

And on Friday, in addition to posting a July 2001 memory, I'll be keeping my now-follow-up appointment with my doctor!

Stay cool; we're under a heat advisory today. Heat index is supposed to reach as high as 110. And MDQ wants to know what we're doing today? Staying in the A/C!


Amber Skyze said...

Take care of yourself!!!! Stay cool.

Carol Preflatish said...

Sounds like you're doing too much after being diagnosed with bronchitis. I've had it many times, and you need to rest.

barbara huffert said...

It's too hot to be that active.