Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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One my daughter's friends informed us she was going to Walmart at 9pm on Thanksgiving Day in order to be in line for a 40" television ($250).

I asked, "You're going at 9pm just so you can be first in line at 4am?"

"No; Walmart is opening at 10pm Thanksgiving night."


And then I heard this morning on the radio some stores are opening at midnight, which means some workers have to leave their families in the middle of Thanksgiving festivities in order to have everything ready for the INSANE shoppers who 'just can't wait'.

When did we get so greedy?

I think I complained the week of Halloween because I was seeing Christmas decorations go up Oct 31st.  And Christmas carols being played on Nov 1st.   Seriously?  I know there are only two T-day songs (Adam Sandler's Turkey Song and Over The River And Through The Woods), but good the rate we're going, Christmas will be an all-year event and it won't be special anymore!  Think about it:  Some places already do 'Christmas in July' specials, so is Easter/Christmas really that far behind?  'Black Monday' the day after Easter?  Give me a break!

I heard the workers of Target and some other stores (forgive me; I was in shock that people actually had to DO this) have started an online petition for retail workers to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families.  I'll admit; not everyone has the luxury of being at home on holidays.  Heath care, travel industry, food service/hospitality/entertainment and any service-oriented career workers have to work.  Plus gas stations need to be open, and a few convenience stores....hey, I once ran out of diapers or baby wipes, or forgot we needed milk.  But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yes.  I remember a few years back when a family friend got up super early on Black Friday to take advantage of the $25 DVD/VCR combo player.  Guess what?  Two weeks later that very same item was STILL only $25!

Or if you have that money to burn, stay home and shop online!  My favorite Black Friday as an adult was a few years ago when I did most of my shopping on in my pj's.  I ventured out around 2pm and went to a local store and missed the crowds entirely.  The store was a mess, but I found what I wanted and didn't have to wait in a long line OR get trampled by people shoving.

I used to love it when I had the majority of my Christmas shopping in layaway by the end of September.  But those days are now behind us, due to financial reasons.  So this Christmas, I'm having to use some creativity, and besides the cookies I normally make, I'm taking a stab at making my own homemade chocolates.  I still have to buy a few candy molds, but wish me luck!  While the rest of you are fighting the crowds, I'll be in my kitchen, up to my elbows in flour and sugar.  Any local friends reading this:  Stop in from your frenzied shopping and you'll get a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and a fresh-baked treat.  My gifts are made with love and besides, everyone likes stocking gifts, right?

Remember:  It's the thought behind the gift which means the most, not the amount of money spent (until you're old enough to appreciate that statement!)


anny cook said...

Here's my take on this mess. No one is going to stop stores from opening on Thanksgiving this year. But if enough people DON'T GO shopping, then next year, the stores will scale back.

Unknown said...

I think it's just insane that they're opening at 10pm. When I heard that I was pissed.
I'm like you I can't be bothered. I'm not a Black Friday shopper, unless it's online. :)

Mia Watts said...

I'll be the unpopular one. First, Meijer is open 24/7. You can go whenever you want to stand in line.

Second, is a longer one. Last year my daughters and I moved to Grand Rapids, MI. I bought a home and trucked all my stuff up here only to discover that the lady wouldn't get out of my house. As a result, I was homeless for three weeks, renting a 24ft moving truck to store my goods, above a hotel used as a penitentiary, and with two little girls depending on me. Money was down to nothing.

Short story, I got the lady out. A glitch in the laws said she could be in residence 30 days after the papers were signed. That was Thanksgiving Eve.

I had about two hundred dollars left to my name, Bronwyn Green was feeding us and doing our laundry. Brynn Paulin was putting me up at her place to work and sometimes eat during the school day.

I literally had no more resources. On Thanksgiving eve, I went to Meijer. Thank GOD it was open. My $200 went a very long way with groceries, cleaning supplies, floor heaters, water, toilet paper, dishes, mugs, glasses, silverware, you name it. I needed all of it. The divorce left me with nothing. The truck hauled donated furniture.

It MIGHT be greed that brings these people out. It probably MOSTLY is. But there are some people out there struggling with everything they have just to string two pennies together. I needed them open that day. I needed those deals and I got up at 4am to get them and won.

It's been a year. My bills are paid and my kids are happy. I'm doing okay but I will never look at black Friday shopping the same way again. <3

Anonymous said...

@Anny: There's an idea!

@Amber: My question is, why does an 18-y/o HS senior need a 40" TV? Esp when there's a perfectly good TV in her living room? Maybe her dad wants it but doesn't want to fight the crowd?

@Mia: Yours is an exception. That was out of necessity; not WANT. I agree whole-heartedly this is the time for excellent bargains if you NEED these items. But buying for the sake of 'but I waaaaant it!'? Shop later in the day.


Linda Kage said...

One of my co-workers, who works part time as JCPennys was making a joke that some year, It'll be open on Thanksgiving Day, all day, and they'll have turkey drumsticks at the door to pass out to shoppers so they can eat their Thanksgiving Dinner as they shop!

Molly Daniels said...

@Linda: I can see that happening!