Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching Up

My kids are enjoying their 2nd day off from school, a scheduled 'make up day', in case of a snow day.  I'm thinking, why not just add these 'extra' days at the end of the school year, or tack them on to Spring Break?  Currently, if school isn't cancelled for any reason, they do not have to attend any Fridays in the month of May.  Why not let them out of school a week early?  Makes no sense.

And right now, with only two computers in the house, and four people who like to use them, this creates a schedule issue.  Technically, only 3 people argue over the usage, since the spouse really doesn't use it as much as S, youngling, and myself.  And right now S is still asleep; youngling is happily watching cartoons, so I get to work.  But in four hours, there's going to be an issue.

My new editor is trying to walk me through the formatting process.  I have two versions of Word on my laptop, but everything opens in Word Starter, which a friend inadvertantly installed the same time he put Photo Shop on my laptop.  The formatting symbols don't show up, and when I tried to do as she wanted the 1st time, it wasn't right.  The 2nd time added a line between paragraphs.  So I went to the desktop and tried her instructions there.  The first two paragraphs 'behaved', but the subsequent paragraphs added another extra line!

So my 4th attempt will be to add an extra backspace, in order to 'mimic' what I saw the 1st two lines do.  And since my editor had to leave at the exact moment my desktop came to life, it's going to be 3:30 this afternoon before we can communicate again.  And to make things easier on myself, I'll talk to her through face book on the laptop, while working on the document on the desk top!  Can you hear the howls of indignation yet?  Yes; I'll be using both computers....when the daughter will want to be checking HER face book; the spouse wanting to watch TV and the youngling wanting to get on Math Circus.  Someone's not going to be happy, unless maybe the youngling is outside with friends or the daughter with her friends.

And the spouse is grouchy, due to a broken tooth which can't be repaired until next week.  I think this is beginning to be a 'Calgon, take me away' week, and it's only Monday!

We did get our taxes filed, and the refund should leave us enough to fully stock the pantry and freezer, plus pay off the dentist.  I'm also hoping I'll be able to buy a substantial number of e-books, as well as purchasing promo items.

And I'm also going to upset the spouse on Wednesday, since B can only go Thursday, and I want to go Wednesday for an hour, so I can sing a few songs and hear myself through the speakers.

He's currently in 'clean up' mode, so I need to wrap up my online stuff and go help him out, rather than suffer his passive-aggressive snide comments about my 'job'.  See you tomorrow; hopefully I'll be in a better mood!

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