Thursday, February 9, 2012

Karaoke Update

Thanks to everyone who helped make yesterday a good release day!

Last night at karaoke, there were only three of us, so was able to sing eight songs:
-Barbie Girl (Aqua):  Had fun with this one, but probably won't sing it again:)
-Back To You (B. Adams):  Thought I'd practiced it, but bombed.  Am skipping this one.
-Baby I Lied (Debra Allen):  LOVE this song, and have ever since I first heard while in HS!  This one's a keeper on my list!
-Bad Day (D. Powter):  Did an okay job, but probably won't do it again.  A little low in spots.
-Barely Breathing (Duncan Sheik):  Ugh...waaaayyyy too low!
-Be Good To Yourself (Journey):  Did okay, but not my best....
-Blue Bayou (L. Ronstadt):  I wanted Cheryl to hear me sing this one; one couple even got up and danced:)
-Smile (Uncle Kracker):  This is what I get for asking C to pick out one.  I can't sing this; it's too low, so C helped me out, and I asked her to erase this from my song list!

Plus, handed out one of my business cards, and two others congratulated me:)

Here's another excerpt for you, this time from Kyle's POV:

"What's taking so long, anyway?" Sid joined him at the table and asked for a cigarette.

"Lisa." Kyle handed over the pack and lit his own. "She still wants more money for child support so she can save enough money to get her own place, plus enough for baby-sitters, and her 'extras'."


"Yeah." Kyle blew a cloud of smoke toward the ceiling. "Her nights out after work, going to the bar with her co-workers to wind down, her makeup every three months, her trips to Walmart…God! She spends around one hundred dollars every week in Walmart alone."

"What the hell does she buy?" Sid choked and stood to pull a beer from the refrigerator.

"Clothes, toys, music…You name it; we had it. Hey, toss me one, will you?" Sid handed him a can, and Kyle popped it open, shaking his head. "She's finding out her salary won't support her habits, so she's dragging her feet, hoping we'll reconcile."

"Which makes it hard for you and Keri." Sid's steady brown eyes gazed at his cousin. "Whatever happened to cooling things off?"

"I don't know, I left her alone for a while, but when we got back together it was like fireworks going off. I feel as if I can't get enough of her." He puffed on his cigarette. "It's like being on drugs…the more you take, the more you want? Well, Keri's my drug."

"Maybe you need to o.d., man, then go to detox." Sid saluted with his can. "But what happens next?"

"I can't just dump her after that. She wasn't exposed to the happy-go-lucky sex we were. She'll see it as a deeper level."

"Christ! Whatever happened to one-nighters? No commitments, no feelings to consider, no promises, no relationships. That's the difference between you and me, Carole and I don't make any promises. We get together when we can. She has her life and doesn't bug me about mine." Sid got up and crushed his empty beer can, throwing it into the trash. "What, are you 'in love' with her or something?" He pulled another beer from the fridge.

Kyle shrugged and took another drink. "What if I told you the feeling was mutual?"

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