Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Books I've Discovered

I'm recovered from my 'tantrum' yesterday:)

If you'll remember, I lost my Granny Christmas Day, and was able to bring home most of her books (there were several I, quite frankly, did not want) from her bookshelves.  Over the past several weeks, I've reread Eight Cousins, skimmed an original Prince and the Pauper; and devoured some tame, older romance books (Susan Wiggs comes to mind, but can't remember the title).  But the next three caught my eye because of the titles, and I liked the back cover of the first one, so I loaded the other two in that series into my 'take home' box.  I've just spent the past four days reading the first book, and I'm disappointed to learn Granny didn't have the second.  I began the 3rd book yesterday, and now want to own the entire series.  So here are the covers and a brief description; check them out for yourselves:)

This is the first in the series.  It tells the story of how Precious Ramotswe from Botswana, Africa, came to open her detective agency and solved several complicated cases, including twin 'doctors'. It's available on Amazon

 This is #3 in the series; as I said, I'd love to read the 2nd, Tears of the Giraffe.  I'm currently on Ch 7 of this book and am enjoying it!  Precious becomes engaged at the end of book #1, so I didn't miss much there, but in this one, her fiance' is depressed, so she's taken on management of his office as well.  It's humorous in places, and I'm up to where an important Government Man has asked her to investigate his sister-in-law.  This book can be found here.

Number #4 is intriguing by the title alone, isn't it?  And while finding these books on Amazon, I discovered there are about 13 in the entire series:)  So I will be putting the rest on my print TBB list, or at least seeing if these are available at our library.

The African names are hard to pronounce, but after a while I found myself compensating for them.  Sort of the same way I had to for one character's name in Marian Keys' Sushi For Beginners.

So there's my Recommended Read for the month.  Any new series (or books) you've discovered you'd care to share?

Have a great day!


Anny Cook said...

Did you ever read the Mrs. Pollifax series? If not, you'd probably love them. I have all of them. And Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series is also excellent!

Janie Emaus said...

I love the #1 Ladies Detective Agency books. I'm glad you found them.

Linda Kage said...

I bought the first book in the #1 Ladies Detective Agency a few years ago but I still haven't read it yet. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention!

Liz Flaherty said...

Oh, I've read Mrs. Pollifax and I love them. The #1 Ladies Detective Agency Books, not so much, but I only read one. Maybe I need to try again.

RE: Eight Cousins. I've undoubtedly re-read every L. M. Alcott there is at least a half-dozen times.

Annette said...

I have read quite a few of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency and enjoy the books. They show us about another culture as well as give us insight into a strong woman who can change her community without resorting to violence.