Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Reluctant Coach

Feb 2002:
I walked into the preliminary Coach's meeting with trepidation.  I really didn't want to be known as an assistant coach, and I was also unsure of my feelings toward H and L.  After harboring resentment, and not seeing either of them all fall (with the exception of L; I saw her occasionally at school), what would my reaction be?  Would seeing them bring back all the anger, or was I capable of putting my hurt feelings aside?  After all, it would be a new season, with a new President, new Board, and new coaches and players.

The spouse objected to my attending the meeting, but then agreed I needed to go.  And thankfully Amy  was already there, saving me a seat.  But the first thing I saw when I opened the door was the eyes of H, glaring at me in a 'what the hell are you doing here' look.

I slid into my seat and greeted Amy, and then kept my mouth shut while H and other coaches explained the new rules, fundraising events, and signup dates.  Rob, the Girls' Rep, greeted me and asked if I would at least consider being the concession rep for his daughter's team.  I told him I was still considering it; the community was still divided over my rude 'ousting', and some were encouraging me to boycott the stand, while others were begging me to stay involved, so that it would run smoothly.  L didn't even acknowledge my existence that evening, even though I forced a smile and waved at her.  She looked away; Amy was one of those who asked if I'd consider helping parents provide our own snacks for the games. I replied I was still torn as to what to do.

On the work front, things were stressful.  One of the bus monitors suffered a heart attack, so I moved into his place.  A kid had moved into our community and would be on our bus, and was a 'high risk' kid.  My boss was unsure if I could handle his behavior issues; I told him I had a history of taking tough kids and making them 'agreeable'.  But the first two days with this kid nearly wore me out.  And even when I met his parents, I was baffled.

Normally, when I meet new people, I can usually find common ground within at least five minutes.  Not the case with this couple.  Not exactly rude, but also not that friendly.  I was definitely going to have to draw on every rusty skill I possessed.  And ended up writing him up several times.  Which broke my heart, since he was the same age as my oldest, only here was a prime example of bad parenting.

I reported to my boss, and to the kid's counselor at school, and began to keep a behavior diary, to document every thing I was observing.  His counselor appreciated it; my boss just rolled his eyes, but agreed it needed to be done, concerning this kid.

And then the issue of changing our routes was raised.  And suddenly my driver rebelled.  But that's next month's story:)

Present Day:
We're getting ready for our Blue and Gold Banquet tonight, for Scouts.  We're also having the Cake competition, so today I'm baking the cake.  When the youngling and S get home from school, their job will be to decorate it.  Youngling wants to make it a car, so S will carve it and then they will attempt to decorate it accordingly.  I hope three cans of icing and one tube of food coloring will turn it into something good!  I'll post pics next week.

Have a good weekend:)  And don't forget to check out Kenzie's post on The Writer's Evo on Sunday:)  Topic?  The Most Romantic Proposal:)

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