Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cover Art Decision Time....

Sorry I've been AWOL the past two days; Monday I had a dental appointment in the morning, followed by a trip to Evansville for the SU's disability hearing, then a mad dash back for the youngling's wrestling tournament.

Dental:  No cavaties, which THRILLED me!  I was concerned about one tooth, and then another as she was poking around with her instruments, but nada.  Just two sensitive areas, so we're good and he'll see me back in six months:)

Hearing:  We did not get an instant ruling, but the judge seemed to be leaning in our favor.  For whatever reason, the eye doctor refused to release the newer records, so we could not present them into evidence.  However, we DO have thirty days before the judge will make an official ruling, so there's time for the Medical Records person to release them to our lawyer, who will then give them to the judge.  So we wait.

Wrestling:  Youngling got a buy the first round, then lost the 2nd round to a pin.  And then to top off a disappointing day, his jacket came up missing.  I spotted a kid wearing one that looked like it, but before I could inquire, the fire alarm went off.  I notified the coach and the concession lady and told them I'd be back tonight, in the hopes it was a mistake, and the mom brings it back.  Otherwise, my child has lost his favorite jacket.  And as we were driving home, my cell phone came up missing.  We turned around and went back; fortunately someone HAD turned it in to the concession stand!  At least that crisis was averted!

Now to my dilemma for the day:  Which of these covers do you think best expresses book #4, Balancing Act?  Here's the blurb:

Gretchen McLaren has her life mapped out. A tour of duty with the Peace Corps, then working as a social worker for the elderly. But her boyfriend Joe Walker doesn’t agree with her plan, and tries everything in his power to change her mind. But will he succeed? Or will his efforts drive her into the arms of another man?

Troy Anderson finds himself hearing the words no man wants to hear, “I just want to be friends.” But when a skilled manipulator tries to tear down the woman he loves, will he fight for her? Find out what happens when jealousy upsets the balance of love and ambition. Has Gretchen been blind to true love the entire time?

I posted this on Face Book and instantly opinions came in.  The male appears too casual, by having his eyes open while hers are closed.

I like this one better; however, I sort of wanted more of the 'love triangle' to be represented.  But my cover artist said she doesn't like covers with more than two people; it creates a 'busy' cover.

So if you saw this cover, would it entice you to click on the link and go 'Hmmmm....sounds interesting!'??

Yesterday was another busy day.  The daughter had an appointment before school; we discovered our tax refund (federal) had been deposited; I went to Writer's Guild for thirty minutes, then went to the Community Pool meeting.  And discovered I still have expensive taste, even when it comes to concepts for a new pool or water park!  There was even a picture on the news of the crowd, and yes, there I was in my red snowflake sweater, listening intently to the presentation.  Going to buy a paper today to see if I'm in any of those pictures.

And then the spouse treated us to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  I indulged and drank a Pina Colada-flavored margarita, and for dessert ate a slice a cheesecake with chocolate sauce.  It was heavenly!

No karaoke tonight; BC and I are going tomorrow.  This is my compromise; I'll only go one day a week, no matter how  badly I want to get through my list of songs!

Let me know which cover you like, or if you like neither, can you make a suggestion?  Thanks!  I'm off to go grocery shopping, but I'll be back later.

Happy Leap Year, and a special Happy '5th' Anniversary to my friends Ted and Susan!  They married on this date back in 1992:)


Amber Skyze said...

I like the second one best. :)

Molly Daniels said...

That seems to be the one most like also:) Email sent to cover artist.

Linda Kage said...

You make a good point about the eyes being closed and open. That's really the only difference I see, so I'll vote for book two as well!

Sorry you couldn't get your third person in there. Bummer.